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Boost your cold email response rates with FirstLineGPT's personalized AI first lines, designed for effective B2B campaigns without breaking the bank

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About FirstLineGPT

FirstLineGPT: Revolutionize Your B2B Cold Email Campaigns

Elevate your B2B cold email campaigns with FirstLineGPT, an AI-powered personalization tool that skyrockets response rates without spending hours or hundreds of dollars on first line personalization.

Overcoming Email Challenges

In today's fast-paced world, inboxes are overflowing with offers, making it harder than ever to get your prospects' attention. If your cold emails lack personalization, you won't achieve the results you're seeking. FirstLineGPT is here to change the game, offering affordable, personalized first lines that make your emails stand out.

Cost-effective Personalization

While other services charge hundreds for personalizing first lines, FirstLineGPT delivers quality results for just $49, making it an affordable and efficient solution for your B2B cold email campaigns.

The Power of Volume

Scaling your business requires volume. Sending only a few hundred emails each month won't generate the growth you need. Combining a strong offer, personalization, and volume is the key to driving results. With FirstLineGPT, you can send 3,000 personalized emails for the same price as 300 with other services.

The Cost of Unpersonalized Emails

Unpersonalized cold emails can result in:

  • 25% lower open rates
  • 60% lower reply rates
  • An estimated 30% decrease in sales opportunities

FirstLineGPT's personalized first lines significantly improve open and reply rates, giving you the edge you need to succeed.

How FirstLineGPT Works

Step 1: Upload and Map Your Fields

Begin by dragging your CSV file containing your prospects' LinkedIn URLs to the designated box. FirstLineGPT will then map the fields and extract key information from the LinkedIn profiles, including bio, headline, title, education, location, and achievements.

Step 2: Hit Send and Let FirstLineGPT Work Its Magic

Once you've mapped the fields, FirstLineGPT will generate personalized first lines for each prospect, typically within 3 hours for 3,000 lines. With an 85-90% success rate, these first lines are ready to use straight out of the box, with no need for double-checking.

FirstLineGPT utilizes advanced Chat GPT prompts and processes to generate and clean the first lines, ensuring top-quality personalization for your cold email campaigns.

Benefits of FirstLineGPT

Easy Integration

FirstLineGPT simplifies the process of personalizing your B2B cold email campaigns. By only requiring LinkedIn URLs, the platform is easy to use and integrate with your existing email marketing strategy.

Time-saving and Efficient

FirstLineGPT takes the hassle out of personalizing your emails, saving you valuable time and resources. With its AI-powered approach, you can generate personalized first lines for thousands of prospects within hours.

Improved Open and Reply Rates

Experience a significant boost in open and reply rates with FirstLineGPT's personalized first lines. By appealing to your prospects on a personal level, you increase the likelihood of securing valuable sales opportunities.


FirstLineGPT is the ultimate solution for B2B cold email campaigns that demand personalization without sacrificing time or budget. By leveraging AI technology to generate tailored first lines, you can significantly improve open and reply rates and boost sales opportunities. Don't let unpersonalized emails hold your business back — experience the benefits of FirstLineGPT and watch your email marketing efforts thrive.

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Pricing options

  • $49


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