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Simplify fundraising and investor management with Finta's AI-powered CRM, deal rooms, and investment processing tools for your business

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About Finta

Finta: The Comprehensive Fundraising Solution for Accelerating Business Growth

Finta is an all-in-one fundraising copilot designed to streamline your fundraising process, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Finta's innovative tools, such as its AI-powered CRM, shareable deal rooms, and investment processing features, simplify interactions with investors and automate your workflow from start to finish.

AI-Powered CRM for Meaningful Investor Interactions

Finta's CRM, powered by GPT-3, is specifically designed for fostering meaningful investor interactions. The platform automatically generates personalized email scripts and updates your investor contacts throughout the funnel, providing real-time insights into each investor's commitment level.

Streamlined Deal Rooms and Investment Processing

With Finta, you can quickly set up and share deal rooms with investors using a single, secure link. The platform allows you to easily track investor interest, securely accept investment fund transfers, and manage your cap table, including support for multiple share classes, employee stock option pools, convertibles, warrants, and more.

Virtual Data Room for Efficient Document Sharing

Finta's virtual data room enables you to securely share diligence documents with investors, complete with real-time notifications, security permissions, and insights into investor engagement.

Who Can Benefit from Finta?

Finta is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses seeking to raise funds and manage investor relations efficiently. The platform's suite of investor tools also benefits investors looking to expand their investment portfolios and support their portfolio founders.

Experience seamless fundraising and investor management with Finta, the ultimate copilot for driving your business growth.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $22


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