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Transform your video and voice presentations with FineShare. Our AI-driven solutions FineCam and FineVoice offer a seamless, professional experience for content creation, meetings, teaching, and more

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About FineShare

Unleash Your Creativity with FineShare: AI-Powered Video and Voice Solutions

In an era dominated by virtual interaction, the need for powerful and effective video and voice solutions has never been greater. This is where FineShare steps in, offering two groundbreaking AI-powered services — FineCam and FineVoice, which transform your video and voice experiences and take them to an all-new level.

Unleashing the Power of AI with FineCam

FineCam by FineShare is a revolutionary AI virtual camera designed to boost your video recording and conferencing experience. It offers a bouquet of features that enhances the video quality and makes your presentations more engaging and professional.

Portable and High DefinitionFineCam converts your smartphone into a high-definition, portable webcam that can be wirelessly connected and adjusted for the best visual results.

Infinite PossibilitiesThe advanced AI algorithm of FineCam enables real-time background removal, scene switching, and much more, opening a world of endless possibilities for your videos.

Content Sharing SimplifiedFineCam ensures your ideas are effectively communicated to your audience, enhancing the level of professionalism in your videos. Whether you're an educator, salesperson, influencer, or just love to live stream, FineCam offers simple and powerful ways to share content.

Transforming Voice Experiences with FineVoice

FineVoice is FineShare's digital voice solution that offers a real-time voice changer, high-quality voice recorder, accurate automatic transcription, and realistic AI voice generator.

Amplify Your VoiceFineVoice enables you to sound better, more fun, and stand out in your live streamings, meetings, podcasts, and videos.

Versatile Voice ChangerWith FineVoice, you can change your voice in real time using 30+ voice effects, and even record your conversations from apps like Zoom, Skype, and Discord in separate audio tracks.

Efficient Sound Recording and TranscriptionFineVoice captures sound from any source and quickly transcribes audio to editable text. It also automatically saves your recording project settings for future use.

Enhancing User Experience

FineShare's FineCam and FineVoice are designed to enhance user experience across various domains.

Educators can make their online classes more engaging, remote teams can collaborate effectively, salespersons can deliver dynamic product demos, doctors can provide high-quality virtual consultations, influencers and content creators can elevate their video content, and streamers can deliver high-quality live streams.


FineShare, with its AI-driven FineCam and FineVoice, is revolutionizing the way we perceive video and voice interactions. It empowers users to create professional-quality content while ensuring their communication is clear, engaging, and impactful. Whether you're a professional, a creator, or someone who loves to interact virtually, FineShare is your ultimate solution.

Unleash your creativity, boost your communication, and embark on an enriching journey of endless possibilities with FineShare.

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Pricing options

  • $9.95


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