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Explore, the leading online monitoring solution for parents, schools, and employers. Monitor calls, messages, locations, and more effectively

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About Safeguarding Digital Interactions for Kids and Employees

In our increasingly interconnected world, has emerged as a leading solution for ensuring online safety and appropriate digital behavior among children and employees. This service provides a comprehensive set of monitoring features, allowing parents, schools, and employers to keep track of digital interactions in a secure and non-intrusive manner. for Parents

As a primary source of guidance for children, parents play a crucial role in shaping their understanding of appropriate online behavior. empowers parents to monitor their kids' internet use, helping identify potential online dangers and take necessary action to ensure their safety.

Monitoring Calls and Messages with offers call and message monitoring features that track both incoming and outgoing calls and texts. Parents can identify the locations from which these interactions originate, and view the contact information, date, and time stamps associated with each interaction. for Schools serves as an effective monitoring and control program for educational institutions, helping create a digitally sound learning environment. By installing on school-owned devices, educators can monitor activities in real-time, ensuring the proper use of technology for education.

Monitor Location and Sim Card Details goes beyond call and message monitoring by providing location tracking features. Schools can know the whereabouts of their students during school hours, ensuring their safety. Additionally,'s SIM monitoring feature alerts when the SIM card is changed and provides details including IMEI number and network. for Employees

Employers can leverage as a powerful tool to monitor and manage employees, especially those in remote settings. By installing the app on company-provided devices, employers can understand how exactly these devices are being used.

Monitoring Multimedia Content

With, employers can also monitor photos and videos stored on company devices. This feature helps ensure that company resources are used appropriately and professionally, protecting the company from potential legal issues.'s Unique Features

Apart from the standard monitoring features, offers unique capabilities like keylogger and Wi-Fi logger. The keylogger for Android allows the recording of keystrokes, creating log files for remote monitoring. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi logger can be used to trace connected Wi-Fi hotspots, providing a broader understanding of the user's online activities.

Summary stands as a comprehensive solution for online safety, catering to the needs of parents, schools, and employers alike. Its vast array of features from call, message, and location tracking, to multimedia and Wi-Fi monitoring, offer a secure and easy way to safeguard digital interactions.'s focus on non-intrusive monitoring respects privacy while providing necessary oversight, making it an ideal tool in our digital age. Reviews

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Pricing options

  • $5
  • $6.67
  • $8.33


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