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Evoke simplifies AI product development with cloud-based hosting and a user-friendly REST API. Enjoy unlimited usage, pay-per-use pricing, and direct support

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About Evoke

Evoke: Streamline Your AI Development with Our Cloud API

Evoke offers a powerful solution to effortlessly run AI models using a cloud-based API. Designed for developers building AI products, Evoke allows you to focus on development while handling hosting and scaling with ease.

Key Features of Evoke

Evoke provides a robust set of features that simplify AI model deployment:

Unlimited Usage

No limits or headaches; Evoke has all the inferencing capacity you need for your AI models.

Pay-per-Use Pricing

Stop paying for unused resources. Evoke charges only based on actual usage, providing cost-effective solutions for your projects.

Direct Customer Support

Evoke's support team is also their tech team, ensuring that you receive direct assistance without jumping through hoops.

Effortless Scaling

With a flexible infrastructure, Evoke can scale with your growth and handle any spikes in activity.

Wide Range of AI Models

Evoke hosts numerous AI models, including Stable Diffusion, Dreambooth, and others like Whisper, Yolo, GPT-J, GPT-NEOX, which are coming soon.

Benefits of Using Evoke

Evoke offers significant advantages for AI developers:

  • Simplified Development: Evoke's cloud API allows you to focus on building your AI product while they take care of hosting and scaling.
  • Cost-Efficiency: With pay-per-use pricing, you only pay for the resources you actually use, saving money and eliminating waste.
  • Unlimited Capacity: Evoke provides unlimited inferencing capacity, ensuring that your AI models run smoothly without limitations.
  • Direct Support: Receive expert assistance directly from Evoke's tech team, ensuring quick resolution of any issues.


Evoke is the ideal solution for developers seeking to simplify AI product development with cloud-based hosting and an easy-to-use REST API. With unlimited usage, pay-per-use pricing, and direct support, Evoke empowers developers to focus on building and scaling their AI products. Experience the power and convenience of Evoke's cloud API today.

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Pricing options

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