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Discover Edge Impulse, the leading edge AI platform empowering developers to build, deploy, and scale embedded machine learning applications seamlessly

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About Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse: The Future of Embedded Machine Learning

Edge Impulse is pioneering the world of embedded machine learning by enabling developers to create, optimize, and scale data-driven solutions across industries. The platform simplifies building, deploying, and scaling embedded ML applications, unlocking value for millions of developers and billions of devices.

Accelerate Your Embedded ML Workflow

Edge Impulse empowers developers with seamless integration and collaboration:

  • Collaboration: Unite data, ML, and embedded teams to develop optimized, production-ready models efficiently.
  • Sensor Data Value: Build high-quality sensor datasets and leverage advanced feature engineering for enhanced on-device performance.
  • Device Compatibility: Deploy intelligence to any hardware, from low-power wearables to industrial gateways.

Optimize Your Models with Edge Impulse

Bring your own models and optimize them with Edge Impulse's Python SDK:

  • On-Device Performance: Optimize trained models for efficient deployment on edge devices.
  • C++ Libraries: Generate deployable C++ libraries for any edge device.

Go to Market Faster and Confidently

Edge Impulse streamlines product development for engineers, domain experts, and enterprises:

  • Engineers & Domain Experts: Utilize automation, low-code capabilities, and custom extensions to accelerate ML tasks and integrate with existing tools.
  • Enterprises: Tackle key business challenges with edge ML, improve collaboration between teams, and enhance productivity with a hardware-centric ML framework.

Embedded ML Solutions Across Industries

Edge Impulse transforms real products in various sectors with the power of machine learning:


  • OURA: Health monitoring with sleep analysis and processing health vitals for ML training.
  • Early Blindness & Diabetic Retinopathy Detection: Portable device for accurate detection without internet or high computational power.


  • AI-Managed Crops Irrigation: Maximizing crop yield and minimizing soil degradation and water waste.
  • ML-Powered Agricultural Robotics: Recording crop trials and providing precise irrigation levels.

Environment & Infrastructure

  • Remote Grid Monitoring: RAM-1, the world’s smartest powerline monitoring system.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Safer roads with automatic wheel lug nut detection using ML at the edge.

Industry & IoT

  • AI-Automated Hard-Hat Detection: Enhancing health and safety in industrial environments.
  • IoT Gets an ML Boost: Running Edge Impulse ML on any OS and cloud, including Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Azure IoT.

Education & Research

  • Academia: Edge Impulse's partnership with Harvard SEAS to address challenges in edge and embedded ML communities.

Unlock the power of embedded machine learning with Edge Impulse and revolutionize your products with data-driven intelligence, optimized performance, and seamless deployment.

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Pricing options

  • $3000


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