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Harness the power of large language models with Dust, a platform that enables you to build, iterate, and deploy custom LLM apps easily

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About Dust

Introducing Dust: The Ultimate Platform for Large Language Model Apps

Dust is a groundbreaking platform designed to help you create, iterate, and deploy powerful large language model (LLM) apps with ease. With features like chained LLM apps, multiple inputs, model choice, and semantic search, Dust provides an unparalleled experience for building AI-driven workflows and applications.

Chained LLM Apps: Seamless Model Interactions

With Dust, you can chain calls to various models, code execution, and queries to external services, enabling you to create intricate workflows that tap into the power of large language models.

Multiple Inputs: Optimize Your LLM App Design

Dust allows you to iterate on your LLM app design using several inputs simultaneously, reducing the risk of overfitting and ensuring optimal performance.

Model Choice: Flexibility Across Platforms

Dust supports models served by OpenAI, Cohere, AI21, and more, allowing you to switch models seamlessly and design your app with the most suitable AI platform.

Version History: Keep Track of Iterations

Dust maintains an easily accessible version history, providing you with automatic tracking of iterations, model outputs, and few-shot examples.

Caching: Speed Up Iterations and Reduce Costs

With Dust's caching feature, you can speed up iterations and reduce costs by leveraging cached model interactions.

Easy Deployment & Use: From Dust to API

Deploy your LLM app to an API endpoint or use it directly from Dust for a smooth and effortless deployment experience.

DataSources: Managed Semantic Search Engines

Dust offers fully managed semantic search engines that you can query directly from your workflows, enhancing your app's capabilities.

Connections: Seamless Team Integration (Coming Soon)

Connect your team's Notion, Google Docs, or Slack to managed DataSources that are automatically kept up-to-date, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration.

Dust XP1: The GPT-Based Assistant Tool

Dust XP1 is a browser-based GPT assistant designed to boost productivity by assisting users with tasks such as answering emails, summarizing documents, and extracting structured data from unstructured text. Accessible with a keyboard shortcut, Dust XP1 is privacy-conscious and only sends selected tab content to OpenAI's API.

Conclusion: Unleash the Power of LLM Apps with Dust

Dust offers a powerful and user-friendly platform for creating and deploying large language model apps, enabling you to harness the full potential of AI-driven workflows. With its robust feature set, Dust is the ideal choice for anyone looking to build, iterate, and deploy custom LLM apps efficiently and effectively.

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