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Context, the AI-powered tool, transforms technical support, providing real-time, precise answers from your content, documentation, and codebase

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About Context

In today's fast-paced digital world, real-time technical support is a necessity. Context, an innovative AI-powered tool, is changing the game by providing precise answers to technical queries in seconds.

Understanding Context

Context trains itself on your documentation, content, and codebase, harnessing the power of AI to assist your developer community when and where they need it most. It's like having an ultimate support companion at your side.

Detailed Answers Across Platforms

Multi-Platform Support

With Context, support isn't restricted to a single platform. Users can access Context in Slack, Discord, any website, or even via an API, making it an easily accessible and versatile tool.

Real-time Activity Monitoring

Context isn't just about providing answers. It also allows you to monitor incoming activity in real-time. Watch queries stream in, and access in-depth analytics to better understand your community's needs and concerns.

The Best-in-Class Features of Context

Response Editing

Context pairs commonly asked questions with precise answers. What sets it apart is the ability for your team to edit responses on the fly, ensuring that the provided information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Source Attribution

For every answer that Context generates, the sources are linked, allowing users to easily see how the answers were derived. This feature ensures transparency and credibility in the information provided.

GPT-4 Powered

Context utilizes the most powerful Large Language Model (LLM) available, GPT-4, to answer even the most technical questions accurately. This advanced AI technology allows Context to deliver exceptional support for your developer community.

Integration Capabilities

Context is designed to play nice with others. The developers behind Context are building a long list of integrations to support any software stack, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

Import Data and Content

Context can pull data from various sources, such as websites, YouTube, technical documentation, blogs, and more. This feature allows Context to be a comprehensive support tool for your users.

Automate Your Customer Support Today

In conclusion, Context is an exceptional AI-powered tool that is revolutionizing technical support for developers and users alike. By providing real-time, precise answers, monitoring activity, offering best-in-class features, and integrating seamlessly with various platforms, Context has become the ultimate support companion.

Embrace the future of technical support by adopting Context for your organization and experience the benefits of AI-powered assistance. With Context, you can elevate your customer support, ensuring that your developer community gets the help they need when they need it most.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $19
  • $39
  • $99


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