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Identify AI-generated plagiarism with ContentDetector.AI, the free tool for detecting ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4 written content

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About ContentDectecor.AI

ContentDetector.AI: The Future of Plagiarism Detection

What is ContentDetector.AI?

ContentDetector.AI is an innovative tool designed to detect AI-generated content. It identifies written material generated by AI tools such as Chat GPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and Jarvis AI, providing a percentage score based on the probability of the text being AI-created.

Comprehensive AI Content Detection with ContentDetector.AI

Detecting AI Content

The task of detecting AI-generated content is intricate and challenging, often requiring accuracy levels near perfection. ContentDetector.AI achieves this through a sophisticated detection model developed by combining Open AI's GPT 2 model with a robustly optimized Roberta model.

Reporting and Real-time Comparison

ContentDetector.AI provides extensive, percentage-based reporting and real-time comparison checks for AI content. With no limits on check counts and word limit, users get unlimited access to AI content detection.

ContentDetector.AI for Different User Groups

Bloggers and Content Writers

Bloggers and content writers can use ContentDetector.AI to ensure the originality of their content. It helps detect whether external or internal writers are using AI tools to generate material, thus maintaining the quality and authenticity of the content.

Academicians and Educators

Universities and academicians can utilize ContentDetector.AI to verify the legitimacy of students' essays. It helps in identifying AI-generated content, promoting academic honesty and integrity.

ContentDetector.AI’s Versatile Word Counter

ContentDetector.AI is more than an AI content detector—it's also an effective word counter. This feature is invaluable for writers, students, and professionals, helping them meet word count requirements for various pieces of writing.

ContentDetector.AI vs. Other Detectors

What sets ContentDetector.AI apart is its unique combination of features, including AI detection and word counting. The tool offers a clear and visually appealing percentage form of AI detection results, with no character limit restrictions. Its user-friendly package with editing options makes it a market leader.


In conclusion, ContentDetector.AI is a groundbreaking tool in the world of plagiarism detection. With its sophisticated AI algorithms and user-friendly interface, it offers advanced AI content detection and word counting functionalities. By promoting originality and quality in content creation, ContentDetector.AI proves to be an indispensable resource for bloggers, academicians, students, and professionals. Its service offerings not only enhance the credibility of users' content but also serve to maintain a higher standard of integrity in the ever-evolving digital content landscape.

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