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Discover, a natural color grading tool that emulates analog film response for vibrant, painterly results in photography and videography

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Unleash Your Creativity with Revolutionizing Color Grading for Film and Photography is a cutting-edge web-based tool that transforms the way users approach color grading in film and photography. It provides a natural and intuitive interface designed to emulate the response behavior of analog film, enabling users to create stunning visuals with ease. Dive into the world of to discover how it elevates the color grading experience and unlocks endless creative possibilities for filmmakers and photographers alike.

The Difference

At the core of is its unique Photographic Grading Engine, which models the complex, non-linear light response of analog color spaces. This innovative approach delivers unmatched color control, allowing users to create natural and vibrant color grades that rival those of the best film emulation plugins and LUTs.'s streamlined interface treats pixels like crystals in an emulsion, resulting in painterly, film-like colors that breathe life into any project. It offers complete color control without the need for LUTs, allowing users to explore the full potential of subtractive color modeling, physically accurate refraction, and film density emulation.

Versatility for Film and Photography is not just limited to video color grading; it's an indispensable tool for photographers as well. With support for over 600 cameras, users can develop raw photos directly in their browsers, ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows. Moreover,'s powerful color manipulation tools, coupled with its analog color grading engine, make it a valuable addition to any photo editing software.

Consistency Across Platforms employs the ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) HDR compliant color management system, ensuring consistent color across cameras, on-set monitors, during editing, and in the final grade. Users can easily share their grades with others as fully color managed 3D LUTs or custom generated DCTLs for Davinci Resolve Studio.

Summary is revolutionizing the way professionals and hobbyists alike approach color grading in film and photography. By leveraging the unique qualities of analog film, it enables users to create stunning visuals that resonate with their audiences. With its powerful and intuitive interface, takes color grading to new heights, offering a versatile and valuable tool for filmmakers and photographers seeking to unlock their creative potential. Reviews

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Pricing options

  • $10
  • $69
  • $199


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