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Unlock endless creativity with Cohesive, the powerful AI editor for refined content creation. Generate voiceovers, use templates, and spark fresh ideas effortlessly. Transform your content game today

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About Cohesive

As the world swiftly transitions to an increasingly digital environment, content creation has become a paramount element of personal and professional life. Meet Cohesive, an innovative and powerful AI editor designed to streamline your content creation process and enhance your creativity to unmatched levels.

What is Cohesive?

Cohesive is a state-of-the-art AI editor engineered to enhance your writing experience. It offers a suite of features, including text editing, voiceover generation, tailored templates, and continuous content inspiration. With Cohesive, creating engaging and impactful content has never been easier.

AI Editor: A Powerhouse of Possibilities

Cohesive's AI editor stands out as an intuitive and powerful tool. Its capacity to edit text, images, and translations, ensures every word is meticulously crafted for perfection. Cohesive mirrors your writing style and tone, aiding in seamless content creation and refinement. Additionally, it introduces sparkling visuals to your content, making it visually appealing and unique.

AI Voices: The Future of Storytelling

Cohesive harnesses AI to generate realistic voiceovers, transforming your text into speech in seconds. The AI voice generator supports multiple languages, enabling you to reach a global audience. With emotions and expressions, Cohesive breathes life into your scripts and voiceovers, making them more human-like and engaging.

Content Templates: Get Started Instantly

Cohesive offers 150+ templates tailored to diverse content needs. From SEO blogs to social media content, these templates allow you to start creating impressive content instantly. The one-click magic of Cohesive crafts perfect content tailored to your preferences in a snap.

Continuous Inspiration: Unleash Your Creativity

With Cohesive, you'll never face a creativity block. The AI editor provides content ideas while you write, sparking fresh inspiration for your next masterpiece. Cohesive also generates new prompts from your previous work, helping you craft engaging and impactful content consistently.

Cohesive: A Game-Changer for Various Use Cases


Cohesive supercharges your marketing efforts. It allows you to write, advertise, and promote in record time, boosting your marketing productivity. With Cohesive, you can create engaging social media content, optimize your search engine rankings, and craft ad copies that drive your digital growth.


Cohesive transforms your sales pitch into compelling, action-driven content. From creating conversion-focused email copies to crafting pitches that convert prospects to profits, Cohesive ensures your sales strategy is more effective and efficient.

Customer Support

Cohesive accelerates your customer support process. It generates AI-powered responses to customer queries and creates comprehensive FAQs in a single click, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Personal Writing

For personal use, Cohesive offers a host of AI-powered enhancements to elevate your writing. It assists in crafting eye-catching cover letters, creating engaging LinkedIn bios, or penning heartfelt wedding vows.


Cohesive is a game-changing AI editor that empowers you to create magical content. With its advanced AI capabilities, Cohesive streamlines the content creation process, providing a seamless, intuitive, and enriched writing experience. Whether you're a marketer, a sales professional, a customer support representative, or an individual seeking to elevate your writing, Cohesive is the tool you need to revolutionize your content game.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $15
  • $30


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