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Clobbr is a versatile developer tool for load testing and speed analysis of your API endpoints, boosting your performance confidence

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About Clobbr

Clobbr: The Ultimate Tool for API Endpoint Testing and Performance Analysis

In the realm of software development, ensuring your API endpoints perform optimally is crucial. That's where Clobbr comes into play — a dynamic developer tool designed to make the testing of your API endpoints a breeze.

Powerful Yet Simple User Interface

With Clobbr, you can effortlessly test multiple endpoints, set up request timeouts, headers, payload, and much more. Whether your architecture is based on REST, GraphQL, or cloud functions, Clobbr has got you covered. Its user interface is designed to be both powerful and simple, allowing you to delve into key stats like standard deviation, percentiles, and more, in an intuitive manner.

Configuring Requests Made Easy

Clobbr offers a robust set of features that let you configure requests with just a few clicks. You can easily set the verb (GET, PUT, POST, etc.), specify the number of iterations, and toggle between sequential and parallel requests. The ability to set request timeouts enhances the flexibility of your testing process.

Send Data with a Request

When sending a request, you can set payload data in the advanced built-in JSON editor. This feature, complemented by autocomplete, validation, and syntax highlighting, provides an efficient way to include data in your request.

Setting Headers with Ease

The tool also allows you to configure headers for each request. You can input these as plain text or use scripts for dynamic headers, such as authorization tokens. This simplifies the process of setting headers and ensures the correct data is sent with each request.

Explore Result History and Understand Your API Endpoints

Clobbr enables you to explore historical response timings using charts and tabular data. This feature allows you to understand how key statistics evolve over time, providing crucial insights into the performance of your API endpoints.

Sharing Results and Ensuring Privacy

One of Clobbr's standout features is its capacity to share results with your team with just the press of a button. Importantly, no data is stored on a server and sensitive info can be stripped, ensuring your data privacy.

The Beauty of Customization

Clobbr also offers a high degree of customization. You can toggle between light or dark modes, customize app behavior with advanced settings, and clear historical data at any point in the app settings.

Open Source and CI/CD Integration

Most of Clobbr is open source, and you can contribute to it on GitHub. Moreover, Clobbr can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines, allowing you to automatically test endpoints based on your criteria.


In conclusion, Clobbr is a comprehensive tool for developers that streamlines the process of load testing and speed analysis of API endpoints. Its user-friendly interface and robust features not only simplify testing processes but also provide invaluable insights into API performance. As we navigate a world increasingly reliant on efficient and effective digital systems, tools like Clobbr will continue to play a critical role in ensuring software performance and reliability.

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Pricing options

  • $14.99


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