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Secure your financial future with Cleo. Save, budget, build credit, and get cash advances effortlessly with this intuitive money app

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About Cleo

Master Your Finances with Cleo: The Ultimate Money Management App

In the current financial landscape, managing money efficiently is more important than ever. Introducing Cleo, the ultimate money management app designed to make your financial journey easier, from building credit to escaping overdraft fees.

Cleo: A Money App That Doesn't Suck

Unlike traditional financial apps, Cleo offers a user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand tools to manage your finances effortlessly.

Building Credit with Cleo

One of the main features of Cleo is its ability to help you build credit. It offers a unique approach that doesn't require a credit card. This includes offering cash back on everyday spends, cash advance, and credit score coaching, allowing you to improve your credit score and secure lower interest rates and higher credit limits.

Cash Advance up to $250

Cleo also offers up to a $250 cash advance with no interest, no credit checks, and no late fees. This feature is particularly helpful in low-balance moments, helping you to avoid the high fees associated with overdrafts.

Cleo’s Tools for Saving Money

Cleo is equipped with several tools designed to help you save money.

Mindless Savings Tools

Cleo offers a variety of mindless savings tools, including auto-save, round-up, swear jar, and set & forget features. These tools help you put money away without having to think about it. All savings are held in FDIC-insured accounts with protection up to $250,000.

Budgeting with Cleo

Cleo helps you build a personalized budget that includes room for your favorite indulgences, like iced coffee. By using Stripe to read your transaction history in a read-only mode, Cleo can show you all your accounts in one place, provide a spending breakdown, and share monthly bill trackers and reminders.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

Cleo takes your security and privacy seriously.

Data Security and Privacy

Cleo uses 256-bit encryption to protect your bank login details, and it never stores these details. Furthermore, Cleo does not sell your data, ensuring your privacy is respected.

Read-Only Mode

Cleo operates in a read-only mode, meaning it can only view your cash but cannot move it. This adds an additional layer of security to your finances.


In conclusion, Cleo is not just another money management app. It is a comprehensive financial tool designed to help you save money, budget efficiently, build credit, and get cash advances when needed. Its emphasis on security and privacy ensures that your financial data is safe. With Cleo, mastering your finances is not just possible; it’s easy.

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