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Transform your brand identity with Brandmark's AI-driven logo design, business assets, and customization services, delivering professional results on time and on budget

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Brandmark: Revolutionizing Branding with AI-Powered Logo Design and Comprehensive Solutions

In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand identity is essential for success. Brandmark offers a powerful solution to elevate your brand through its AI-driven logo design and comprehensive branding services.

Creating a unique, professional logo for your business has never been easier with Brandmark's AI-powered logo design process. The platform offers a wide range of design assets, including business card designs, social media graphics, app icons, letterheads, and more, allowing you to build a cohesive brand identity on time and on budget.

Brandmark goes beyond logo creation, providing an extensive selection of ready-to-use assets such as animated designs, letterhead templates, social media designs, presentation templates, and a brand guide. With Brandmark, you can kickstart your business and ensure a consistent brand image across various touchpoints.

What sets Brandmark apart is its commitment to free customization. With the purchase of any package, Brandmark's team will personally help you customize your logo, ensuring a design that perfectly represents your brand.

In addition to its primary services, Brandmark offers a suite of free AI-powered design tools to enhance your branding experience:

  1. AI Color Wheel: Automatically colorize logos, illustrations, wireframes, and other graphical art by uploading your design to generate color palettes.
  2. Logo Rank: An AI system trained on over a million logo images that offers tips, ideas, and insights into logo design, helping you evaluate your design's uniqueness and potential inspiration sources.
  3. Logo Crunch: A multi-resolution logo maker that uses computer vision to optimize high-res logos for lower resolutions, ideal for website favicons, iOS app icons, and Android app icons.
  4. Font Generator: Create unique font pairings using the Brandmark font generator, which sources fonts from Google Fonts.

Embrace the power of AI-driven logo design and branding solutions with Brandmark, and establish a memorable, professional brand identity that sets your business apart.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $25
  • $65
  • $175


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