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About Basmo

Basmo: Revolutionize Your Reading Experience with AI ChatBook

Basmo's groundbreaking AI ChatBook is designed to elevate your reading experience, transforming the way you engage with books and track your reading progress.

Key Features of Basmo

AI ChatBook: Interactive Reading

Basmo's AI ChatBook immerses you in the story by allowing you to chat with the AI bot within your favorite books. Enhance your comprehension by asking the AI to summarize or explain the books for you.

Reading Journal and Emotions

Track your thoughts and emotions throughout your reading journey with Basmo's digital journaling feature.

Reading Time Tracker and Routine Setter

Monitor your reading time and create personalized reading schedules to help you achieve your goals, one page at a time.

Benefits of Using Basmo

Comprehensive Reading Management

Basmo offers a comprehensive approach to managing your reading life, with features like Kindle and Notion Sync, book organizer, and a quote editor for designing and sharing your favorite quotes.

Stay Motivated with Reading Streaks

Basmo keeps track of your daily reading progress, motivating you to maintain a consistent reading habit.

Dark Mode for Eye Comfort

Reduce eye strain with Basmo's dark mode, perfect for late-night reading sessions.

Use Cases for Basmo

Avid Readers

Basmo is perfect for avid readers looking to enhance their reading experience with AI-powered interactions and personalized book metrics.


Students can use Basmo to manage their reading lists, track progress, and gain a deeper understanding of complex texts.

Book Clubs and Discussion Groups

Book clubs and discussion groups can utilize Basmo's interactive AI ChatBook to engage in more in-depth conversations about their favorite books.


Basmo's AI ChatBook and numerous features make it an essential tool for readers looking to revolutionize their reading experience. With personalized book metrics, interactive chats, and progress tracking, Basmo offers a comprehensive solution for managing and enhancing your reading habits. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your reading life with Basmo.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $4.99


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