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Aigur Client is a free, open-source library enabling the composition of fully typed Generative AI pipelines

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About Aigur Client

Discover Aigur Client, a free and open-source (MIT) library designed to compose and invoke fully typed Generative AI pipelines. Supported by Aigur, this versatile tool can be used independently to empower your AI projects and applications.

Harness the Power of Generative AI with Aigur Client

Aigur Client enables you to create powerful AI pipelines, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like GPT-4, Google Vision API, Whisper, and Stable Diffusion. Benefit from Aigur's managed pipeline execution, user management, and pipeline analytics to streamline your AI projects.

Examples of Aigur Client Applications

Aigur Client can be utilized across various applications, including:

  1. Create an Image with your Voice: Transform an audio recording of a prompt into a visually stunning image by transcribing it with Whisper, enhancing it with GPT-3, and generating the image using Stable Diffusion.
  2. Image to Poem: Convert an image into a beautifully crafted poem by labeling it with Google's Vision API and creating a poem based on the detected labels.
  3. Chatbot with Memory: Build a simple, GPT-4 powered chatbot with a 1-hour memory, capable of recalling facts from previous messages.
  4. Summarize Text and Read It Out Loud: Develop a pipeline that takes long text, summarizes it with GPT-3, and converts the result to audio for an auditory experience.

Get Started with Aigur Client Today

Elevate your AI projects with Aigur Client's powerful and flexible library. With the ability to create fully typed Generative AI pipelines, Aigur Client brings your AI applications to life. Try it now and experience the limitless possibilities of AI pipeline creation.

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