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Create 3D models effortlessly with 3Dpresso – the innovative AI-powered service that extracts 3D objects from 1-minute videos

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About 3Dpresso

Discover 3Dpresso: AI-Powered 3D Model Extraction from Videos

3Dpresso revolutionizes 3D modeling by enabling users to extract 3D models from 1-minute videos of real-world objects, harnessing the power of AI.

Extract 3D Models with Ease

Turn Videos into 3D Objects

Using 3Dpresso, you can convert a 1-minute video of an object into a 3D model, receiving the extracted 3D file directly in your email. The service supports OBJ and GLB formats, making it compatible with various applications and game engines.

Advanced AI Techniques for Improved Results

MetaRECON Engine and Neural Radiance Fields

3Dpresso's MetaRECON engine combines traditional photogrammetry with Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) to generate and optimize volumetric representations of 3D objects from source images. The result is more accurate and stable reconstructions, even for challenging surfaces like textureless or reflective ones.

AI-Generated Variant Texture Maps

Creative Alternatives Brewed by AI

3Dpresso is working on a feature that will use generative AI to create variant texture maps for 3D models. Users will be able to input plain text prompts to guide the appearance of the textures generated, offering exciting new possibilities for creative projects.

Simple Workflow for Impressive Results

Capture, Upload, and Download Your 3D Model

To create a 3D model with 3Dpresso, all you need to do is capture a 1-minute video of the object using a smartphone or digital camera and upload it to the platform. After processing, you'll receive an email with a download link to your 3D model in OBJ or GLB format, complete with a 1,024×1,024px diffuse texture.

Future Features: AI Texturing and Mobile App

Expanding the Possibilities of 3Dpresso

Recon Labs plans to launch a mobile app for 3Dpresso, allowing users to upload videos directly from their phones. The upcoming AI texturing feature will further enhance the platform's capabilities, enabling users to generate unique and visually appealing 3D models.

Experience the future of 3D modeling with 3Dpresso, an AI-powered service that extracts 3D models from 1-minute videos. Create stunning 3D objects with ease, and explore the endless possibilities for creative projects, gaming, and more.

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