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Discover 10Web – an AI-powered WordPress platform streamlining website creation and maintenance with automated building, hosting, and PageSpeed optimization tools

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About 10Web

10Web: An AI-Powered WordPress Platform Revolutionizing Web Building and Management

In the world of digital technology, 10Web is reshaping the narrative of website creation and management. This AI-powered WordPress platform offers a comprehensive suite of features from automated website building to hosting and PageSpeed optimization, providing an unparalleled toolset for your online presence.

Understanding 10Web's Core Offerings

AI Website Builder

The AI Website Builder allows users to create or recreate any website in a matter of minutes. Powered by AI, it generates content and images based on user-provided details. Users can then customize these components using the 10Web editor, built upon the renowned Elementor.

AI Assistant

The AI Assistant expedites the process of content creation and optimization. It enables users to write and perfect SEO-optimized content at an accelerated rate, seamlessly addressing SEO and readability errors within plugins like Yoast SEO.

Automated WordPress Hosting

10Web's hosting offers the fastest, fully automated service for WordPress, underpinned by the power of Google Cloud. This assures website performance, 99,9% uptime, and eradicates the need for constant technical maintenance.

PageSpeed Booster

10Web's PageSpeed Booster aims to optimize websites to achieve a 90+ PageSpeed score. It works towards improved Core Web Vitals and overall website performance, creating a superior user experience.

Enhancing User Experience with 10Web

Efficient Website Creation with AI

With 10Web, users can generate websites using AI by simply answering a few questions about their business. The AI then creates content and images based on the responses, which users can further customize.

Flexible Page Addition Options

Users can add pages by inserting the URL of any webpage to replicate the layout, choosing from a library of ready-made layouts, or starting with a blank canvas for absolute creative freedom.

Premium Widgets & Full-Site Building Features

With 10Web, users get access to 50+ premium widgets and complete site building tools, including e-commerce widgets, menus, forms, and sliders.

The Power of AI Assistant

Generating Quality Content Faster

The AI Assistant is designed to work within Gutenberg and Classic Editor. With tools such as an outline generator, paragraph generator, and a conclusion generator, it helps create SEO-optimized content swiftly and effectively.

The AI Assistant SEO Pack

The AI Assistant SEO Pack enhances website SEO by generating or paraphrasing meta descriptions and titles, fixing SEO errors, and improving readability.

Automated Hosting & PageSpeed Booster

Reliable Website Performance

With automated hosting, users can forget about downtimes and technical maintenance. It assures 99,9% uptime and elastic scaling, keeping websites operational at all times.

Website Optimization with PageSpeed Booster

The PageSpeed Booster promises 90+ PageSpeed scores, improved Core Web Vitals, and 50% faster load times, contributing to better Google rankings and user experience.


10Web represents the future of website creation and management. Its AI-powered tools, from website builder to SEO Assistant and PageSpeed Booster, provide an all-in-one solution for building and maintaining high-performing websites. Trusted by over 50,000 active users, 10Web offers an innovative platform for businesses and agencies aiming to build an effective and efficient online presence.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10
  • $24
  • $60


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