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Using HighLevel & FormWise - Send Prompt Chained AI Responses To Workflows

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Integrating FormWise with Go High Level for Efficient AI Data Transfer

In today's data-driven business environment, seamless integration between different software solutions is crucial. In this article, we will guide you through the process of integrating FormWise with Go High Level, thereby enabling efficient AI data transfer for improved workflows. We aim to empower you to use the inbound webhook workflow trigger, eliminating the need for intermediate solutions like Zapier.

Setting Up FormWise for Go High Level Integration

Preparing Your AI Tool

Our example revolves around a personal chef AI tool with prompt chaining. Here, the first prompt generates three meal ideas based on specified ingredients and dietary restrictions. The second prompt takes the response from the first and asks GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) to provide recipe instructions for these meals.

Once you've built your AI tool in FormWise, navigate to the section for setting up webhooks, copy the URL for the 'Inbound Webhook Workflow Trigger' provided by Go High Level, and paste it on the designated section on the FormWise side.

Testing Your Integration and Mapping Form Data

Conducting a Test Run

To ensure the successful integration of FormWise with Go High Level, carry out a test run. Fill out the form in FormWise to generate an AI response, then head over to Go High Level to fetch the sample request from the webhook. This sample request should include all data captured by the form.

Mapping Form Data in Go High Level

Now that your test run is successful and you have a mapping reference, you can start mapping form data in Go High Level. This is a straightforward process.

For example, to map the email field, select 'Form Data' and choose the corresponding 'What is your email' option. Repeat this process for the 'Name' field and for the AI responses.

Note on Custom Fields:

If your prompts are lengthy, you might need to create custom fields to populate the FormWise data into Go High Level. You can create these field names in the Custom Fields section of Go High Level.

Configuring Your Go High Level Workflow

Updating and Mapping Contacts

Once you've mapped your data, Go High Level will automatically create or update a contact using the information you've mapped. This includes AI responses, which can be saved as custom fields.

Setting Up Email Actions

For this guide, we will illustrate setting up email actions in Go High Level. You can start an email from FormWise, craft a subject and body, and populate the email with the AI response custom value from the inbound webhook level. This process can be repeated for multiple AI responses.

Deploying and Testing the Complete Setup

Once you've configured your workflow, publish your AI tool on FormWise, and do a final run with real data. You can then check your email for the responses. The AI responses should also be stored at the contact level in Go High Level, and these can be accessed from the custom fields section.


Integrating FormWise with Go High Level can make your workflows more efficient and dynamic. This integration is particularly beneficial for businesses that use gamified lead magnets and need to deliver custom, dynamic content. By following this guide, you'll have a better understanding of how to facilitate this integration, leading to improved business processes and customer engagement.



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