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Unleash Your NPC's Human-Level Conversation Skills | Convai Product Overview.

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Convey: Revolutionizing AI in Gaming and Virtual Worlds

What is Convey?

Convey is a revolutionary AI platform that empowers game developers to create immersive, interactive AI characters that can carry out natural, dynamic conversations with users. Leveraging standard protocols, Convey's API and tools can be easily integrated into a variety of platforms, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Omniverse, Roblox, and Discord, among others.

Convey is not only limited to gaming. Its potential applications extend to creating conversational characters for training applications and smart assistants in metaverse environments, thus bringing digital interactions to a whole new level.

Creating Characters with Convey

Developers can breathe life into their AI characters using Convey's intuitive web interface. Creating a character is as simple as writing a character description and selecting a voice. Developers also have the freedom to fine-tune their characters by adding a comprehensive knowledge base, specifying a variety of actions and animations, and even infusing nuanced personality traits and styles.

Convey's Integration with Unreal Engine

The power of Convey's AI can be demonstrated through its seamless integration with Unreal Engine, a popular platform for creating real-time, high-fidelity experiences.

Simple Character Integration

Characters created with Convey can be easily integrated into Unreal Engine. Once integrated, these characters can engage in natural conversations and carry out various actions based on the game and application logic. For example, a character can follow the player around or guide the player to a specific location.

Example Interaction in Unreal Engine

In a sample Unreal Engine interaction, an AI character named Cooper introduces himself as a nature enthusiast who loves exploring different plant species. He shows an interest in the player's story and offers to accompany the player on their adventures. This kind of interaction underscores the potential of Convey in creating dynamic, engaging characters that can elevate the gaming experience.

The Future of NPCs with Convey

The future of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in games is exciting with Convey. By enabling developers to create AI characters that can engage in natural conversations, perceive their surroundings, and carry out actions, Convey is ushering in a new era of immersive gaming and interactive virtual experiences. With Convey, let's build the next generation of NPCs together.


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