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Cleanvoice AI Introduces Transcription Editor for Podcasts

Cleanvoice AI, a leader in AI-powered audio editing software, has launched a new feature called Transcription Editor, which allows users to easily transcribe and edit their podcasts with the help of AI technology.

How It Works

To use the Transcription Editor feature, users must have the Transcribe Audio function activated on their Cleanvoice AI account. The feature only works for single-track podcasts and not for multi-track ones.

Once a podcast has been edited, users can access the Transcription Editor view, which displays the transcribed audio. The editor allows users to play the audio from any point and double-click on any word to start playing from that point.

Users can then edit the transcribed text, including identifying speakers, changing speaker names, and editing out words or phrases. Cleanvoice AI identifies speakers based on the audio and allows users to change their names as needed.

Export Options

Cleanvoice AI offers a variety of export options for transcriptions, including text with speaker names, SRT, VDT, VST, and more. Users can also choose to have speaker names included in the audio while it plays.


It's important to note that Cleanvoice AI only saves audio for seven days, so the transcription feature is only available for a limited time. However, the company is open to suggestions on how to expand the feature further.


Cleanvoice AI's Transcription Editor is a powerful tool that allows podcasters to easily transcribe and edit their audio files. With its AI technology and user-friendly interface, podcasters can save time and effort on the transcription process and focus on creating high-quality content.



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