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Introducing Conker.AI: The AI-Powered Form Generator Transforming Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the introduction of innovative tools is reshaping teaching methodologies. A recent addition to this suite of tools is Conker.AI, an AI form generator developed by the creators of Moat Audio Notes.

Conker.AI: Simplifying Form Creation

Aimed at making the task of creating quizzes or exit tickets more efficient, Conker.AI offers a user-friendly interface and a smooth experience. Whether it's a quick quiz or an in-depth examination, Conker.AI is equipped to streamline the process.

Using Your Own Source Material

The platform allows educators to tailor their quizzes to their curriculum by using their own source material. This functionality allows for the creation of a form based on specific topics, such as 'Augmented Reality in Education'. Notably, the source data can contain a maximum of 800 words and can be adjusted for language preference.

AI at Work: Generating & Validating Questions

Conker.AI leverages AI to transform the supplied data into pertinent questions, a feature that sets it apart from other AI tools like Chat GPT. The platform also validates the answers using Google Search, providing an extra layer of reliability.

Expanding Sharing Options

Once the form is created, Conker.AI offers multiple sharing options. These include exporting the form as a PDF, sharing it as a link, or directly creating a Google Form. This feature provides teachers with the flexibility to distribute the form in a manner that suits their teaching style and their students' needs.


In an educational landscape where digital tools are becoming more prevalent, Conker.AI stands out with its unique AI-powered form generation. By reducing the time and effort required for form creation, it allows educators to focus more on their core responsibility: teaching. Whether you're an educator looking to incorporate AI in your classroom or seeking to streamline your teaching processes, Conker.AI is a robust tool worth exploring.



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