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Mastering Transcript Corrections with Descript


Creating an accurate transcript is a crucial part of any content creation process. Descript, a powerful and intuitive tool, not only transcribes your media but also allows for efficient correction and editing of the transcriptions.

Correcting Your Transcript in Descript

Quick Corrections

When working with Descript, it is effortless to correct a word or phrase in your transcript. To do this, double-click on the word or phrase you wish to edit, then click on 'correct'. After typing in the correct word or phrase, click 'correct' again. Descript will then re-sync your transcription to your audio, ensuring accuracy and alignment between your media and transcript.

Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Descript also offers keyboard shortcuts to streamline the correction process. For instance, holding 'C' while clicking a word allows you to correct it quickly, 'X' cycles through different punctuation options, and 'Z' toggles capitalization. These shortcuts significantly speed up the editing process, making it easier to achieve an accurate transcript.

Comprehensive Transcript Corrections

Correction Mode

For more comprehensive corrections, you can use Descript's 'correction mode'. By pressing 'Option + C' (or 'Alt + C' for Windows users), you can freely edit the errors in your script. This mode only changes the text, not the underlying media, ensuring that your content remains untouched while you correct the transcription.

Correcting Repeat Errors

If there is a repeat error in your transcription, Descript provides an easy way to correct them all at once. By using the search bar on the top right of your script editor, you can find the error throughout your transcript. With 'correct transcript' selected, type in the correct word and click 'apply to all'. This feature can be particularly useful for correcting consistently misspelled names or frequently misinterpreted words.

Detecting Transcription Errors with Descript

Descript also offers an automatic error detection feature to help you find and correct errors faster. By clicking on the feature button on the top right of your script editor and selecting 'detect transcription errors', Descript will underline words that are likely transcription errors.

Once the process is complete, all the words Descript has identified as potential errors will be underlined in green. To correct these, right-click on an underlined word and choose to start the 'correction wizard'. This tool allows you to quickly cycle through and correct all the identified errors, achieving an accurate transcript.


Descript is a powerful tool that not only transcribes your media but also streamlines the correction process. With quick correction features, comprehensive correction mode, and automatic error detection, Descript makes it easier than ever to create accurate transcripts for your content. With these tools at your disposal, you are ready to create amazing content with ease and accuracy.


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