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Introducing Neptune by Hashnode

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Introducing Neptune: The Ultimate Writing Experience for Hashnode

Take Your Publishing Experience to the Next Level with Neptune by Hashnode

Hashnode is thrilled to announce the release of Neptune, a powerful markdown-based WYSIWYG editor designed specifically for writers. With an array of amazing features, Neptune takes your publishing experience on Hashnode to new heights. Let's explore the exciting updates we've been working on and how Neptune enhances your writing process.

What is Neptune?

Neptune is a rich WYSIWYG editor that allows you to write and see your changes in real-time. No more switching between write and preview modes. With Neptune, what you see while writing is exactly what your blog post will look like after publishing. This provides a seamless and flexible way to compose new articles and keeps you in the zone.

Rich Content Blocks for Enhanced Blog Posts

Neptune empowers you to enhance your blog posts with rich content blocks. By simply typing a slash («/») and selecting from the suggestions, you can easily add different types of media elements. Whether it's normal text, headings, images, quotes, tables, or even embeds like YouTube videos or GitHub gists, Neptune has you covered. Instantly insert these elements and see a preview of how they'll appear in your published article.

Easy Embeds for Popular Websites

Embedding widgets from popular websites has never been easier with Neptune. You can effortlessly include previews of YouTube videos, GitHub gists, Twitter posts, CodePen snippets, and even custom HTML. Just type a slash («/»), select the embed you want to use, enter the link, and it's there, beautifully integrated into your content. Neptune offers endless possibilities for embedding various types of media, making your articles visually engaging.

Grammarly Support for High-Quality Content

Neptune comes with built-in Grammarly support, ensuring high-quality content with impeccable grammar and spelling. By default, Grammarly suggestions are enabled, providing immediate feedback to fix grammar issues and improve your writing. With Neptune, you can be confident that your published articles are polished and error-free.

Markdown Mode for Markdown Enthusiasts

If you prefer to write in markdown, Neptune has you covered. You can easily switch to markdown mode by going to the settings and enabling the raw markdown mode. This allows you to seamlessly switch back and forth between markdown and WYSIWYG modes, depending on your preference and writing style.

Future AI Capabilities for Enhanced Writing Assistance

In the near future, Neptune will introduce AI capabilities to further assist you in your writing journey. AI features such as creating article outlines or crafting summaries for your posts will be added, enhancing your productivity and saving you time. Stay tuned to our social media channels and Hashnode for updates on these exciting AI capabilities.

Neptune by Hashnode revolutionizes the writing experience, providing a powerful and intuitive platform for bloggers. Whether you're a markdown enthusiast or prefer a WYSIWYG editor, Neptune offers the best of both worlds.



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