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How to target your forms for a specific user behaviour, geo location or based on user property

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Optimizing Form Targeting with Contlo


In the world of eCommerce, having the ability to target specific audiences with custom forms is invaluable. In previous tutorials, we've covered how to create stunning forms using Contlo, along with exploring various behavior settings. Now, we delve deeper into the advanced targeting options that Contlo offers, allowing you to display specific forms to a particular audience.

Form Display Settings

Positioning Your Form

The first step in form targeting is to decide where you want your form to appear. Contlo provides you with the option to display a form on specific URLs. For example, if you want a particular form to be visible only on your homepage, simply select «Show only on certain URLs» and enter the homepage's URL.

User Property Based Targeting

In addition to display settings, Contlo offers user property-based targeting. This feature allows you to control who sees your form based on their user status. If you wish to display a form exclusively to new, non-existing users, you can do so. Alternatively, you can choose to show it to other visitors.

Advanced Targeting Options

Device and Browser Specific Targeting

The targeting settings in Contlo allow you to use «And/Or» conditions to further narrow and focus your targeting. For instance, you may want to display a form exclusively to desktop users. Contlo allows you to modify these settings to be browser and OS-specific, giving you a great degree of control over your audience.

Geolocation and UTM Parameter Targeting

Along with device targeting, Contlo lets you add geolocation options. If you want to show a form to visitors from a particular country, such as the United States, you can set this in the targeting options. Furthermore, you can target specific UTM parameters. This means that individuals landing on your store from a particular campaign will see the form you've set for them.


With these targeting options, Contlo provides you with the flexibility to create a highly focused audience for each of your forms. For example, a form could be set to be visible only to new visitors accessing your website from a desktop device within the United States. By allowing you to use any combination for your targeting, Contlo ensures your forms reach the right audience at the right time. As you explore further, you'll discover how to harness these options to their fullest potential, optimizing your eCommerce success.



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