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How to effectively and quickly remove the background from a photo? tutorial

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Mastering Background Removal with DeepImage: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of digital imaging, removing backgrounds from images is a common requirement. DeepImage, a cutting-edge image editing platform, offers an easy-to-use tool for seamless background removal. This guide will walk you through the process, from image preparation to the actual transformation.

Preparing Your Images for Optimal Results

Considerations for Image Preparation

Before beginning the background removal process, consider a few essential image preparation guidelines. Pay attention to contrast, background, and focus in your images. These factors play a critical role in the effectiveness of the background removal model. By following these guidelines, you can maximize the quality of the output.

Removing Backgrounds with DeepImage

Uploading Your Images

To start the background removal process, navigate to the DeepImage web app. The first step is to upload the image or images you wish to transform. You can upload one or multiple images, up to a maximum of 20, at a time. If you need to process more than 20 images, consider using the Cloud upload or API method.

Once the images are uploaded, you can verify them on the list and view the details.

Setting the Parameters

Next, select the «Remove background» option in the right panel. By default, the image will be saved as a transparent PNG. If you prefer a different file type, you can adjust this setting in the advanced panel. Note that when you choose a non-PNG format, the image will be saved with a white background.

After you've selected the «Remove Background» option and chosen your file type, click on «Enhance» to start the process.

Reviewing and Downloading Your Images

After a few seconds, your images will be ready to review and download. You can find all your processed images in the «My Images» section. The platform provides a handy before-and-after preview of each image, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of the background removal.

DeepImage values user feedback, and as such, you can leave a rating for each image. This feedback helps improve the platform and ensures you consistently get the best results.

Handling Large Volume Image Processing

If you're interested in processing large volumes of images, DeepImage is more than capable of handling this. Simply use the contact form to request an individual offer tailored to your needs.


DeepImage's background removal tool is a powerful asset for anyone dealing with digital images. It streamlines a commonly tedious process, saving you time and ensuring high-quality results. Whether you're processing one image or hundreds, DeepImage is a reliable and efficient solution.



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