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How to create an embeded / inline form using Contlo

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Harnessing the Power of Embedded Forms with Contlo


After having explored the creation of pop-up and fly-out forms using Contlo, it's time to dive into embedded forms. These inline forms can be displayed anywhere on your web page and are an effective tool for collecting customer data. In this article, we're going to guide you on how to create an embedded form using Contlo.

Creating an Embedded Form

Initiating the Embedded Form

Embedded forms, commonly used to collect newsletter subscriptions, can usually be found at the bottom of a website. Customizing an embedded form is even easier compared to pop-up and fly-out forms, as they typically do not include images. However, feel free to unleash your creativity and design it to suit your brand.

Basic Settings and Customization

Embedded forms are often full-width, which can be adjusted from the 'Style' tab. It's a common practice to design these sections to stand out from the rest of the website. For instance, changing the background color can create a contrasting effect with the rest of your webpage. You can also modify the font colors to match your brand style.

Advanced Features of Embedded Forms

Product Recommendation Block

Apart from data collection, embedded forms can serve another significant purpose: displaying a product recommendation block. This feature isn't technically a form but acts as a custom block where you can showcase recommended products or items left in a customer's cart during a previous session.

Simply remove the input field and button, modify the top text to suit product recommendations, and drag and drop a 'Product Block' from the 'Design' tab. You can customize the layout and control how many products you would like your visitors to see.

Referral or Discount Block

Another powerful use case of embedded forms is to display a referral or discount block. This feature can further enhance customer engagement and will be discussed in detail in our future articles.

Embedding the Form on Your Website

Once you're satisfied with your design, navigate to the 'Behavior' tab to find your embed code. This code can be pasted anywhere on your website where you want the block to be displayed.


Creating and customizing an inline form using Contlo is a simple yet effective way to engage visitors, collect data, and boost sales. In our next tutorial, we will discuss the 'Spin the Wheel' feature. Stay tuned!



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