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How to create Product Tutorial Videos using AI Voices

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Mastering Product Tutorial Videos with Fliki

Product tutorial videos have become a cornerstone for businesses in this digital age. These comprehensive guides provide clear and concise demonstrations, empowering users to leverage the full potential of a product. This article elucidates the process of creating product tutorial videos using the Fliki platform.

Recording Your Tutorial Steps

Before delving into Fliki, ensure that your tutorial steps are effectively captured. If you're utilizing a Mac, the QuickTime screen recorder is a convenient tool for this purpose. It's crucial to capture the steps in bite-sized snippets and maintain the recording in a 16×9 ratio, facilitating a smooth editing process later on.

Utilizing Fliki for Video Editing

Fliki offers a user-friendly interface for video editing. Begin by logging in or signing up on and initiating a new file. While determining the type of file, select 'video'. Subsequently, modify your video settings, including disabling subtitles if necessary.

Voice Selection

Fliki boasts an impressive range of over 900 voices for your tutorial video's voiceover. The platform enables filtering based on language and dialect, offering a multitude of options tailored to your requirements.

Uploading Recorded Steps

Proceed to upload the recorded tutorial steps from your library to the Fliki interface. For ease of management, divide these steps into distinct sections.

Scripting and Timing

Add a detailed script explaining each step of your tutorial. Fliki gives you the capability to control the duration of each section and include pauses within the text. This ensures your steps are perfectly synchronized with the voiceover.

Preview, Music, and Export

Prior to finalizing your video, conduct a thorough preview to ensure all elements align perfectly. For a more engaging tutorial, consider incorporating background music. Once satisfied with your video, you can export it to process and download. Fliki will notify you via email when your video is ready for download.

The Advantages of Using Fliki for Tutorial Videos

Fliki offers several unique benefits for creating tutorial videos. Most notably, it allows translation of videos into over 75 languages, broadening the accessibility of your content. Furthermore, Fliki makes updating individual steps or scripts in your tutorial effortless, eliminating the need to re-record the entire video.

Unlock the potential of Fliki and create impactful product tutorial videos that connect with your audience.


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