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How To Make Money With Deep Dream Generator AI (Step By Step)

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Monetizing AI Art: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Deep Dream Generator

Unraveling the Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is an AI-powered tool that creates striking images using a unique, dream-like style. This user-friendly platform doesn't require technical skills or coding knowledge, making it a great tool for anyone interested in creating AI-generated designs. The Deep Dream Generator can transform simple textual descriptions into stunning visuals, and its accessible interface allows you to explore your creativity without constraints.

Understanding the Pricing Model

Deep Dream Generator is free for the first few designs, after which you will need to purchase additional credits. The advanced package, for example, gives you 120 energy (equivalent to 12 energy per hour) for $19 a month. For those who are just starting, the advanced package is usually sufficient, and you can upgrade to more robust packages as you become more comfortable with the tool.

Utilizing the Features of Deep Dream Generator

Image Generation from Text

Deep Dream Generator allows you to create images from a text prompt. This feature can be used without a base image, allowing the AI to freely interpret the text and create a unique design.

Transforming an Existing Image

The platform also enables you to upload a base image and select a style. The AI tool then transforms your image into the chosen style, creating a new and exciting rendition of your original picture.

Creating a Deep Dream Image

The Deep Dream feature allows you to upload an image and transform it into a dream-like picture. This feature is the least expensive, costing only two credits. You can also customize the settings, allowing for further creativity and uniqueness in your designs.

Monetizing Your AI Art with Freelance Platforms

Establishing Your Presence on Fiverr

Once you have created unique visuals with the Deep Dream Generator, you can sell these designs on various freelancing platforms. Fiverr, for example, is an excellent platform where you can create a seller's profile and publish your gig. A successful profile follows the platform's guidelines and showcases your unique designs.

Expanding Your Reach to Other Freelancing Websites

To increase your exposure and potential client base, consider creating profiles on other freelancing websites such as Upwork, 99Designs, Guru, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Truelancer, and Outsourcing. Each platform will increase your chances of getting clients and allow you to build a strong reputation through positive reviews and testimonials.

Tapping into the Potential of Etsy

Etsy is another excellent platform to consider, receiving hundreds of millions of visits monthly. The platform allows you to take custom orders from clients, further extending the potential to monetize your AI-generated art.

Harnessing Other AI Image Generation Tools

While Deep Dream Generator is a fantastic tool, it is not the only AI-powered platform capable of creating stunning images. Tools like Mid Journey and Stable Diffusion are also capable of generating impressive visuals, providing you with even more opportunities to create unique designs and further monetize your AI art.

Final Considerations

When monetizing AI art, remember to connect to as many websites as possible to maximize your reach. Find your unique style that sets you apart from others. While you might not have hundreds of clients on your first day, consistent effort will likely result in substantial progress over time. The world of AI-generated art is vast and largely untapped, providing an incredible opportunity for those willing to explore it.


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