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Generate Facebook & Instagram Ad Creatives That Convert in 2023! (Step-by-step Tutorial)

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Generate Conversion-Focused Ad Creatives with Ad Creative AI

Ad Creative AI is a revolutionary platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-converting ad creatives for Facebook and Instagram ads. With a user-friendly interface, Ad Creative AI offers a seamless process for creating effective ads tailored to your brand. This article will explore the features of Ad Creative AI, the benefits of using AI-generated creatives, and how to get started with the platform.

Benefits of Using Ad Creative AI

Ad Creative AI provides numerous advantages over traditional ad design methods, such as:

  1. Data-backed designs: Ad Creative AI uses over 100 million ad creatives as a foundation, ensuring that each generated ad is optimized for maximum conversion rates.
  2. Personalized creatives: By incorporating your brand's description, logo, and colors, Ad Creative AI crafts unique ads that cater to your target audience.
  3. Efficient creative generation: Ad Creative AI streamlines the ad design process, enabling you to create multiple ads within minutes.
  4. AI-generated copywriting: With machine learning models trained in copywriting best practices, Ad Creative AI can also generate persuasive ad copy for your campaigns.

How to Create Conversion-Focused Ad Creatives with Ad Creative AI

Step 1: Set Up Your Brand

Before you start generating creatives, you need to create a brand within Ad Creative AI. Provide your brand name, logo, colors, and a brief description. Additionally, select your brand type and connect your ad accounts for Facebook and Google to enable seamless ad publishing.

Step 2: Choose the Ad Format and Size

Ad Creative AI offers various ad formats and sizes, including social media, display, and programmatic sizes. For Facebook and Instagram ads, it's recommended to use the post size (square) or vertical size, depending on your placement preferences.

Step 3: Provide Project Details

Input your project description, target audience, and ad text. You can also utilize the platform's Text AI feature to generate ad copy in multiple languages.

Step 4: Select a Background Image

Ad Creative AI allows you to upload your own background or search for stock images. Choose an eye-catching image that complements your ad copy.

Step 5: Generate and Score Ad Creatives

After providing the necessary information, Ad Creative AI generates over 100 ad creatives and scores them based on their predicted performance. This allows you to select the top-performing ads for your campaign without having to test every creative.

Step 6: Download and Publish Your Ads

Once you've chosen your preferred ad creatives, you can download them in high-definition PNG format or push them directly to your connected ad accounts.

Generate Ad Copy with Ad Creative AI

In addition to creating visually appealing ads, Ad Creative AI can also help you craft compelling ad copy. By selecting a copywriting style, tone, and providing your brand information, the platform generates tailored ad copy that you can use in your campaigns.


Ad Creative AI is a game-changing tool for businesses looking to improve their ad performance on Facebook and Instagram. With data-backed designs and AI-generated copywriting, the platform enables you to create high-converting ads quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of Ad Creative AI's seven-day free trial and 10 free credits to test out the platform and see the difference it can make in your ad campaigns.


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