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Revolutionize Your Research with Elicit: The Ultimate Research Assistant

An Introduction to Elicit

Elicit is an innovative research tool that can dramatically simplify and enhance your research experience. Designed with researchers in mind, Elicit uses AI to trawl through a vast database of 175 million papers to provide succinct and relevant responses to research questions. Whether you're researching the effect of probiotics on gut health or exploring advancements in AI, Elicit is equipped to bring you the insights you need.

Key Features of Elicit

Elicit offers a myriad of features designed to simplify and expedite the research process. Here's how it works.

Asking Research Questions

Elicit's primary function is to answer research questions. Once a question is input, Elicit scans its database of academic papers to find relevant results. It presents a summary of each paper, helping researchers quickly understand the core arguments and findings.

Searching by Outcomes, Interventions, and Participants

Elicit takes research further by allowing you to search by outcomes, interventions, and even the number of participants in a study. By highlighting these aspects, Elicit allows users to have a broader understanding of the studies related to their topic.

Exporting Results

The tool allows users to export their results in CSV or Bib format, providing a simple way to collate and analyze the research data.

Uploading Own Papers

Researchers can also upload their own papers to run through Elicit. The tool will analyze the paper, generating an abstract summary and presenting similar papers, outcomes measured, and related papers. This feature could be particularly useful for those seeking to understand the context and relevance of their research better.

Other Uses of Elicit

Beyond traditional research, Elicit can also be used for a variety of other tasks such as summary generation, rephrasing sentences, abstract summarization, and brainstorming research questions. It's a versatile tool that is sure to prove useful in a wide range of academic and professional contexts.

How Elicit Works

Elicit uses advanced models such as GPT3 and T5 to automate parts of the research workflow. It excels in finding relevant papers, even if they don't directly match the keywords used in your query. This is because it combines the breadth of semantic similarity with the precision of keyword matching.

Furthermore, Elicit has the ability to search forwards and backwards in the citation graph to find more relevant papers. It also allows you to customize what you see about a paper and organizes the papers by that information.


Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just someone with a curious mind, Elicit promises to streamline your research process and unlock new avenues of exploration. It's not just a research tool; it's your ultimate research assistant. Why not give it a try?



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