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Elicit: A Game Changer for AI-Driven Research

What is Elicit?

Elicit is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to assist researchers in their quest for knowledge. This remarkable tool allows users to ask specific research questions and then finds the answers from millions of research papers, providing an efficient and intelligent approach to academic exploration.

Elicit in Action: A Case Study

Let's consider the question: «What is the relationship between exercising and anxiety?» Upon asking this, Elicit presents a multitude of articles related to the query, providing an abstract summary for each article to give an overview of the research findings.

In-depth Article Analysis

By selecting an article from the list, users are offered more detailed information. Each selected paper comes with an abstract summary and a section called «Outcomes Measured,» providing an overview of the primary conclusions from the study.

Critique and Citations

Adding a layer of transparency, Elicit provides a section titled «Possible Critiques.» This section offers potential criticisms of the selected paper, which can offer invaluable context to researchers. Additionally, Elicit displays a list of other papers that have cited the selected article, allowing users to see how the research has been used in other studies.

Interacting with Elicit

Another powerful feature of Elicit is the ability to ask specific questions about a selected paper. Whether you're curious about the limitations of a study or any other aspect, Elicit does its best to provide a satisfactory response.

Uploading Papers for Analysis

Beyond searching the web, Elicit allows users to upload their own papers for analysis. Upon uploading, the tool generates an abstract summary and tries to determine the number of participants, interventions, and outcomes. Although it may encounter difficulties with certain types of studies, like systematic reviews, Elicit can still provide valuable insight into the paper's impact and reception.

Elicit: A Time-Saving Tool

Despite the AI at its core, Elicit is not a replacement for human intellect but an invaluable supplement to it. It serves as a time-saving tool, enabling researchers to streamline their work and extract key points from a vast range of academic papers in a matter of seconds. However, it is always recommended to use your own judgment and thorough examination while analyzing any research.


Elicit is a powerful and innovative tool that can significantly enhance your research experience. It is free to use, although it requires an account creation. Give Elicit a try today, and discover how this smart AI tool can transform your approach to research. Remember, the power of AI is here to make our lives easier, but there's still an indispensable space for our own intellectual contribution.


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