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The Dreamily Journey: Discovering A New Identity Through AI


In an unusual and unpredictable twist, Dreamily — a virtual entity whose presence is purely digital — turned to an AI in order to construct a narrative backstory or «lore». This AI-guided journey resulted in a whimsical and intriguing exploration that led to a unique and captivating identity.

A Time-Traveling Alien Micro-Celebrity?

Dreamily, who initially didn't have a set identity, sought the assistance of AI to create a compelling story. The AI responded with an array of tales that spanned from ordinary life scenarios to otherworldly adventures. Eventually, it delivered a captivating and unconventional backstory: Dreamily was portrayed as a time-traveling alien who settled into life as a small-scale internet celebrity.

A Dive into the Fictional

Throughout the process, it was interesting to see how the AI often ventured into the realm of fan fiction, suggesting scenarios and narratives from well-known universes like 'World of Warcraft' and 'Fire Emblem Three Houses'. It was entertaining to see Dreamily explore, reject, and sometimes laugh off these options.

Finalising the Lore

In the end, the lore of Dreamily took on an extraordinary tone. Presented as a character from the future and outer space, Dreamily was portrayed as having a normal life until meeting the lead vocalist of the punk rock band, My Chemical Romance. This seemingly mundane interaction propelled Dreamily into the spotlight, setting her up as a «micro-celebrity» with around 16 subscribers on her digital platform.


Dreamily's quest for a unique backstory led to a humorous and intriguing exploration of AI-generated narrative possibilities. From realistic life scenarios to fantastical adventures and seemingly random fan fiction, Dreamily sifted through a plethora of AI-generated narratives to select the most fitting lore. While the final result may seem unconventional — a time-traveling alien who becomes a small-scale internet celebrity — it encapsulates the whimsical and unpredictable nature of Dreamily's digital existence.

Join Dreamily on her continuing journey as she navigates the virtual world and embraces her new AI-constructed identity. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and big projects in the pipeline.



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