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Curipod made my slides in SECONDS!

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Curipod: Powering Interactive Education through Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the future of education powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Curipod, an innovative online platform, utilizes AI to facilitate the creation of interactive slide decks for educators in a matter of seconds. This article delves into the features and functions of Curipod, demonstrating how it transforms the lesson planning and delivery process.

Simplifying Lesson Creation with AI

Curipod uses AI to generate a complete interactive slide deck based on the grade level, subject matter, and learning objectives input by the educator. With a simple click of the 'Do the Magic' button, Curipod creates a series of slides, each featuring different interactive elements like word clouds, polls, and open questions.

A Case Study: Finding the Slope of a Line

To illustrate the process, consider an eighth-grade lesson on 'Finding the Slope of a Line.' The learning objective could be 'Students will be able to identify and calculate the slope of a line.' After inputting these details and clicking 'Do the Magic, ' Curipod generates a comprehensive 16-slide interactive lesson within seconds.

Customizing Slide Activities

Curipod offers a variety of interactive slide activities. Educators can control the duration of each activity, the number of entries per participant, and even adjust the slide backgrounds. Additionally, they can select whether the changes apply to a single slide or the entire deck.

Diverse Content Types and Brain Breaks

The platform provides a mix of content types, including text slides and 'Did You Know' sections with interesting facts related to the topic. A unique feature of Curipod is the 'Brain Break' activity inserted midway through the slide deck. This activity offers a fun diversion, such as a drawing prompt, providing a refreshing break from the lesson.

Preview and Presentation Features

The platform offers a 'Preview' feature, allowing educators to view their presentation side-by-side with a simulation of the participant view. This helps ensure that the interactive elements work as expected. To start the lesson, educators simply click 'Present, ' and participants join using a unique PIN code.

Participant Anonymity and Real-time Responses

Curipod assigns participants nicknames to encourage free and anonymous participation, reducing the fear of judgement. However, educators can reveal real names in the response review stage, ensuring accountability.

Real-time Moderation and Response Filtering

One of the standout features of Curipod is the ability to moderate responses in real time. This functionality becomes especially valuable during activities like word clouds or open responses. The 'Open Moderation' tool allows educators to review and filter responses before they are displayed to the class, maintaining control over the content that is shared.


In summary, Curipod offers an efficient, innovative platform for creating interactive lessons. It brings together a multitude of interactive elements into a single platform, saving educators time and enhancing student engagement. Thanks to its AI capabilities, Curipod is a valuable tool for educators seeking to incorporate technology into their teaching methods effectively.


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