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Creating a Bubble Sheet Assignment

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Simplify Multiple Choice Grading with Gradescope's Bubble Sheet Assignments

Gradescope offers a powerful feature called Bubble Sheet Assignments that simplifies the grading process for multiple-choice exams. In this article, we will explore how Gradescope's Bubble Sheet Assignments can streamline your grading workflow, from creating the answer key to reviewing student submissions.

Introducing Gradescope's Bubble Sheet Assignments

Bubble Sheet Assignments are part of the Gradescope Complete product, which provides instructors with comprehensive assessment solutions. With Bubble Sheet Assignments, instructors can pre-define the correct answers for multiple-choice questions on an answer key, allowing Gradescope to automatically grade students' responses.

Creating a Bubble Sheet Assignment

To get started with Bubble Sheet Assignments, navigate to your course's Assignments page on Gradescope. From there, create a new Bubble Sheet assignment and give it a name. Specify that instructors will be the ones uploading the submissions. You can then download the bubble sheet template, which is to be printed and distributed to your students.

Filling Out Bubble Sheets

To achieve accurate grading results, instruct your students to completely fill in the bubbles corresponding to the correct answer(s) using ink or a dark pencil. If your Bubble Sheet assignment has multiple versions, students should indicate their exam version by bubbling in the Version region at the top of the template.

Defining the Answer Key

Building the answer key is a straightforward process. Select the correct bubble(s) for each question, and for questions with multiple correct options, choose a grading style that aligns with your assessment criteria. You can also set default point values for each question, but the rubric and point values can be overridden on a per-question basis if needed.

Managing and Reviewing Submissions

Once your answer keys are saved, proceed to the Manage Scans page. Upload the scanned bubble sheet submissions in PDF format. Gradescope automatically splits the pages into individual submissions and assigns them to specific students and versions. If any submissions lack a version selection, they will be flagged for manual assignment.

Automated and Manual Grading

Gradescope's AI automatically grades most of the students' responses, providing efficient and accurate results. Any uncertain marks are flagged for manual review. You can easily review and confirm or adjust these marks from the Grade Submissions page. For further customization, you can adjust rubric point values or provide custom feedback on a per-question and per-version basis.

Analyzing Results and Exporting Grades

Gradescope offers valuable insights into your students' performance and the reliability of your assessment. The Statistics page provides data on reliability values, standard error of measurement, standard deviation scores, and mean scores for each question. You can also tag questions with concepts or learning objectives and view statistics based on those tags. Additionally, the Item Analysis feature displays the breakdown of students' answer choices and discriminatory scores for each question, helping you assess the effectiveness of your questions.

Optimize Your Multiple Choice Grading with Gradescope's Bubble Sheet Assignments

Gradescope's Bubble Sheet Assignments revolutionize the grading process for multiple-choice exams. By leveraging the power of automation, instructors can save time, enhance accuracy, and gain valuable insights into student performance. Simplify your assessment workflow and start using Bubble Sheet Assignments on Gradescope.



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