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Copysmith Onboarding: Organizing Your Content

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Effective Organization with Copysmith: A Comprehensive Guide

Boost your productivity with Copysmith by efficiently managing and organizing your content. This guide will provide insights into the three layers of organization in Copysmith: projects, folders, and files. It will also offer tips on navigating the files tab for optimal content organization.

The Three Layers of Organization in Copysmith

When you open the 'Files' tab in the left sidebar, you are presented with Copysmith's three-tier content organization system.

Understanding Projects, Folders, and Files

Projects constitute the highest level of organization and act as a parent to both folders and files. Folders reside within projects, and files—the actual content—can be stored either directly in a project or within a folder.

Practical Ways to Stay Organized

The 'Files' tab in the sidebar presents different sections: 'All Files', 'Bookmarks', and 'Projects'. Here's how you can utilize these sections to stay organized:

1. Client-based Organization

Create a project for specific content types, such as social content, and then create a folder for each of your clients within that project.

2. Topic-based Organization

For blog content, for instance, you can structure your content based on topics like technology, marketing, or artificial intelligence.

3. Client and Content Type Organization

For a single client, you could create folders for different content types such as social content, blog content, and product descriptions.

Remember, there's no wrong way to organize your content. The key is to effectively use both projects and folders to prevent misplacement of content.

Navigating the Files Tab: Three Essential Tips

1. Permissions and Sharing Files

Within your content, you'll find an option in the upper right-hand corner to share it. You can select a team member from the dropdown and assign their access level as either a viewer or an editor. To share an entire project or folder, click the three dots next to the project or folder on the 'Files' tab and select 'Share with Team'.

2. Exporting Multiple Files

To export multiple files at once, click the three dots next to a project or folder on the 'Files' tab and select 'Export to CSV'. This will generate a CSV file containing all the generations within that project or folder.

3. Utilizing Filters

If you're having trouble finding specific content, you can use filters in the 'All Files' tab. Search by the template type or the file name. You can also click on the filter icon to filter by template type, allowing you to isolate specific files.

With these organization strategies and navigation tips, you're well-equipped to maintain an organized workspace in Copysmith. Happy 'Copysmithing'!



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