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Mastering the Convai Character Chatbot API: A Comprehensive Guide


The Convai Character Chatbot API offers an innovative way to create, update, and engage with conversational characters. Whether you are a Python developer or prefer using a web UI, the Convai API offers flexibility and ease of use. This article provides a step-by-step guide to utilizing the Convai Character Chatbot API.

Exploring the Convai Playground

Accessing the Playground

After logging into Convai, you can access the Playground to interact with the default character, Mica. Through the chatbot, you can engage Mica in a conversation. Additionally, the Playground allows you to utilize the character creator tool to develop an end-to-end conversational character within the web interface.

Creating a Character

In the character creation workflow, you begin by entering the character's name and choosing between a 2D or 3D character model. Uploading visual assets is optional. Next, you provide a character description or backstory. Once the backstory is set, you choose the type of voice for your character and can start conversing with it.

Utilizing the Character APIs

Accessing the APIs

Within the Playground, you can find the API details under the API tab for each service. This tab contains a comprehensive list of all available character APIs. You can experiment with these APIs using Python snippets in a collab notebook.

Creating a Character with the API

The 'Create Character' API enables you to create a new character and acquire its character ID. You need to add your API key (found on the top right corner of the Playground's nav bar) under headers. This step is equivalent to creating a character using the 'Create Character' button on the character creator tool.

Fetching Character Details

The 'Get Character List' API provides a list of character IDs associated with your user. You can use the 'Get Character Details' API to fetch all details of a character, including backstory, voice, etc. To update the backstory for a particular character, you can use the 'Update Character' API.

Conversing with Your Character

Engaging in Conversation

One of the primary purposes of these APIs is to engage in conversation with your character. You can do this using the 'Get Character Response' API. This API can accept input as either text or speech. Sending -1 as the session ID value initiates a new chat session, and you can use the returned session ID in subsequent 'Get Response' requests to maintain conversation context.

Utilizing the Get Action API

The 'Get Action' API provides appropriate actions for given conversation logs, enriching the interaction with your character.


The Convai Character Chatbot API offers an innovative platform for creating and interacting with conversational characters. Whether for business or personal use, it provides a flexible and engaging way to create immersive character-based experiences.



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