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Cohere Sandbox - Grounded Question Answering with LLMs and Google Search

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Introducing Cohere’s Grounded QA Bot: A New Tool for Factual Question-Answering

Cohere's Grounded QA Bot: Bridging the Gap Between AI and Factual Information

Cohere's latest project, the Grounded QA Bot, leverages the power of large language models in combination with search APIs to deliver factual answers to questions. Designed as a Discord bot, the Grounded QA Bot uses Cohere's API and a search API to process questions, find relevant information, and deliver accurate responses in a conversational tone.

How the Grounded QA Bot Works

The process begins with the bot contextualizing the question based on the conversation preceding it. This is achieved through a call to Cohere's Generate function, using a «few-shot» example that takes several chat logs and their relevant contextualized questions. The bot then Google searches the contextualized question, finds relevant information, and uses Cohere's Embed function to reduce this information. Lastly, the Generate function is used again to synthesize this relevant information into a conversational answer.

For instance, you can ask the bot, «When was the fall of the Byzantine Empire?» or follow-up questions like, «How did it fall?» or «Who was leading the Ottoman at that time?». The bot processes these questions and provides accurate answers based on the information it finds. It also shares the sources of the information for transparency.

Overcoming the Limitations of Large Language Models

While large language models are excellent tools for many applications, they are not always the best sources for factual information. They are trained on data from various periods, and as a result, the information they hold can become outdated. Cohere's Grounded QA Bot overcomes this limitation by integrating Google search into the process, effectively using the consensus mechanism within Google search to determine accurate, timely information.

Exploring the Potential and Limitations of Grounded QA Bot

The Grounded QA Bot opens up new possibilities for AI-powered conversation and factual information retrieval. It allows you to have an ongoing conversation with the bot, asking questions and receiving factual answers. However, it's worth noting that the bot does have certain limitations. For instance, it may struggle with questions that imply something untrue, as searching for such questions might not yield results that clarify the misconception.

Concluding Remarks: An Invitation to the Open Source Community



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