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ArtroomAI NEW Inpainting/Outpainting Tutorial

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ArtRoom Tutorial: New Paints and In-Painting / Out-Painting Tool

In this article, we will explore the new paints and in-painting/out-painting tool in ArtRoom. This feature enables users to extend, modify, or add new elements to an existing image. We will cover the essential steps and tools needed to achieve optimal results using this feature.

Uploading Your Starting Image

  1. Click on the Paint tab to access the in-painting/out-painting tool.
  2. Upload your starting image, and use the zoom and move tools to adjust the canvas as needed.

Using the Mask Tool

  1. Access the Mask tool by clicking on its icon or pressing the Q key.
  2. Press the B key to switch to the Brush tool.
  3. Paint the areas you want to modify, extend, or remove with the mask.

Note: Ensure that the mask is visible when you send the image to the stable diffusion.

Generating Results

  1. Enter a description of the desired changes in the prompt.
  2. Press Run and wait for the model to generate the results.
  3. Hide the mask to see the changes in the image.
  4. Choose the best result or make further modifications by remasking or adjusting the image.

Adding New Elements

  1. Switch to the Base tool to draw new elements directly onto the canvas.
  2. Use the Mask tool to cover the areas you want to change.
  3. Generate the results by following the same steps mentioned above.

Merging Two Images

  1. Open a new tab and upload a second image.
  2. Use the in-painting/out-painting tool to modify the second image.
  3. Save the modified image and merge it with the first image.

Adjusting Settings

  1. Use the Image Strength setting to control the amount of influence the original image has on the results.
  2. Save Box Region Only allows you to save only the modified area of the image.

Final Thoughts

ArtRoom's in-painting/out-painting tool offers a powerful way to modify, extend, and add elements to your images. By following these steps, you can achieve impressive results and unlock new creative possibilities. As with any tool, practice and experimentation are key to mastering this feature. Happy painting!



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