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Add AI Characters to your Virtual Worlds in Nvidia Omniverse | Convai Omniverse Extension Setup

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Convai: Bringing Conversational AI to Omniverse

Integrating Convai with Omniverse

Convai, an innovative platform enabling AI characters to engage in natural conversation, has extended its reach to include Omniverse, NVIDIA's open platform for virtual collaboration and real-time 3D simulation. This integration allows developers to leverage Convai's powerful AI tools within the Omniverse environment.

Installing the Convai Extension

To integrate Convai with Omniverse, developers first need to navigate to the Integrations page on the Convai website and download the Omniverse extension. A simple command line operation links the extension with an Omniverse application. Omniverse Code is a popular choice for this integration.

Setting Up the Convai Extension in Omniverse Code

Once the extension is linked, developers can open Omniverse Code and locate the Convai extension. By adding a new URL under search paths and enabling the Convai extension, developers can activate the Convai window within the Omniverse Code interface.

Configuring Convai for Omniverse

Obtaining the Convai API Key

To use the Convai extension, developers need to obtain their API key from the Convai website. This API key is then pasted into the Convai API key field within Omniverse Code.

Choosing a Character

Developers can use a default character provided by Convai, or they can choose to use their own. The Convai dashboard allows developers to create new characters or modify existing ones, adjusting the character's name, voice, and backstory. The character ID of the chosen character is then copied over into the character ID field in Omniverse Code.

Testing Convai in Omniverse

Once the Convai extension is configured, developers can test its functionality. By engaging in conversation with the AI character, developers can assess the natural flow of conversation and the responsiveness of the character. For a more immersive test, developers can load a demo stage that includes both idle and talking animations for the character.

The Future of AI in Omniverse with Convai

With the integration of Convai into Omniverse, AI characters can now engage in natural, dynamic conversations within the platform. This enhancement opens new possibilities for creating and customizing virtual worlds, promising an exciting future for the metaverse community. For further inquiries or support, the Convai team can be reached at


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