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Boost Your Travel Agency's Marketing with

As a travel agent or travel agency, running successful ad campaigns is crucial to your business. is an AI-powered tool that helps you generate conversion-focused ad creatives in a matter of seconds. In this article, we'll show you how can simplify the ad creation process and give your travel agency a competitive edge.

Setting up Your Brand on

To start using, you need to create your brand by providing the following information:

  • Brand name
  • Brand logo
  • Brand colors
  • Brand description

Generating Ad Creatives for Your Travel Agency supports ad sizes for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Performance Max. It also supports display advertising sizes, including Google Display Ads.

Creating a Project

  1. Click on «Generate» and then select «Ad Creatives.»
  2. Provide a project description (e.g., «Resell travel packages for Bahamas, Paris, and Amsterdam.»)
  3. Specify your target audience (e.g., «People who live in the USA and want to travel.»)

Using Text AI for Ad Copy's Text AI feature generates high-converting ad copy in multiple languages. It offers pre-built copywriting methodologies, such as Before-After-Bridge, Pain-Agitate-Solution, and Feature-Advantage-Benefit.

Uploading Background Images

Upload background images for each destination you want to advertise. allows you to edit the text for each image individually, tailoring the ad copy to each destination.

Generating Multiple Ad Creatives in Seconds can generate over 300 ad creatives in just a few seconds. You can download your preferred creatives or even download multiple creatives at once in a zip file.

Scoring Your Ad Creatives

All ad creatives generated by come with a score, which predicts their performance based on over 150 million high-converting ad creatives in the platform's database. This feature helps you focus on the best-performing ads and avoid wasting money on poorly performing ads.

Generating Ad Copy with

You can also use to generate ad copy for your campaigns. Simply provide the following information:

  • Ad type (e.g., listicle)
  • Tone (e.g., professional)
  • Industry (e.g., travel agency)
  • Call-to-action (e.g., «Book your trip today»)

The platform uses GPT-4, tweaked to generate high-converting ad copy based on millions of successful ad texts.

Conclusion is a must-have tool for travel agents and agencies looking to enhance their marketing campaigns. With its AI-powered features, simplifies the ad creation process, saves you time, and helps you gain a competitive advantage. Try for free with a 7-day trial that includes 10 free credits, and see the results for yourself.


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