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Enhance Your Writing Experience with Neptune by Hashnode

Discover the Power of Neptune: A Markdown-based WYSIWYG Editor

Hashnode is proud to introduce Neptune, our latest addition to the platform. Neptune is a state-of-the-art WYSIWYG editor, designed to provide a seamless writing experience for content creators. Since its recent release, Neptune has garnered positive feedback from the Hashnode community. Let's delve into the details and explore the capabilities of this innovative tool.

Introducing Neptune: A Game-Changer for Hashnode Users

Neptune has quickly become the default editor for all Hashnode users, revolutionizing the way they create and publish content. Accessing Neptune is simple—just click on the prominent blue «Write» button in the navigation bar, and you'll be transported to a brand-new writing cockpit.

The Powerful Neptune Editor: What Sets It Apart

At the heart of Neptune lies the editor itself. It adopts a «What You See Is What You Get» approach, ensuring that the content you create is visually aligned with the final published output. The editor's intuitive interface enables you to write and witness real-time changes simultaneously, eliminating the need for toggling between different modes.

Neptune provides a comprehensive palette of content blocks to enhance your articles. By typing a forward slash («/») and exploring the suggestions, you can effortlessly incorporate various content types. Whether you require plain text, headings, bullet or numbered lists, code blocks, or quotes, Neptune supports them all. The abundance of options ensures that your articles are visually engaging and well-structured.

Easy Media Embedding: Bring Your Content to Life

Neptune simplifies the process of embedding media from popular platforms into your articles. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly integrate YouTube videos, Twitter posts, GitHub gists, and even custom HTML elements. Simply type the slash («/»), select the desired embed, enter the link, and voila! Your content is enriched with captivating media elements, making your articles more engaging and informative.

Streamlined Workflow with the New Sidebar

Neptune introduces a handy sidebar that significantly enhances your workflow. This sidebar offers several functionalities that boost productivity and organization. Switching between drafts is now effortless, allowing you to seamlessly transition from one article to another without losing progress. The sidebar automatically saves your changes, enabling you to pick up where you left off with ease.

You can also mark drafts as favorites, ensuring quick access to your most important works. The search feature within the sidebar facilitates finding specific drafts in a vast collection. Furthermore, you can switch between personal blogs and team blocks effortlessly, visualizing the drafts and published articles specific to each context.

Revision History: Regain Control Over Your Content

Mistakes happen, but with Neptune's revision history feature, you can easily recover lost content. The revision history button in the sidebar allows you to explore previous versions of your draft, enabling you to restore or copy specific sections. This ensures that no important piece of your article is ever lost, and you can seamlessly revert to an earlier version if needed.

Seamless Publishing: Share Your Ideas with the World

When you're ready to share your masterpiece with the world, Neptune simplifies the publishing process. Clicking the publish button presents a streamlined slide-over interface where you can select the desired blog for publication. You have the flexibility to choose between your personal blog, team blogs, or any other blogs you are associated with. Fine-tune the settings, such as subscriber notifications, and then hit publish to make your article live within the vibrant Hashnode community.

Experience the Next Level of Writing with Neptune

Neptune, the latest addition to the Hashnode platform, enhances your writing experience by combining the power of a WYSIWYG editor with the flexibility of markdown-based writing. With its intuitive interface, rich content blocks, easy media embedding, and streamlined workflow, Neptune empowers content creators to focus on their ideas and produce high-quality articles effortlessly.


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