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3D scan to Metahuman with in3D app ~ Mesh to Metahuman with texture, using just a smartphone

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Creating a Photoreal Metahuman with in3D Avatar Creator Pro

In this tutorial video, the presenter demonstrates how to use the in3D Avatar Creator Pro app to create a photorealistic avatar and then transfer it to the Epic Metahuman platform.

Creating a Photoreal Avatar with in3D Avatar Creator Pro

The first step is to download the in3D Avatar Creator Pro app and create a photoreal avatar. Once the avatar is complete, it can be exported as both an FBX and GLB file.

Transferring to Metahuman Platform

Next, the presenter shows how to transfer the photoreal avatar to the Metahuman platform. This is done using the FBX file, which is loaded into Unreal and tracked using the Metahuman identity. After the photoreal avatar is pushed to the Metahuman cloud, it can be customized on the Metahuman website.

Texture Mapping

One limitation of the current Metahuman platform is that it cannot transfer the texture of the photoreal avatar. The presenter suggests using the in3D Avatar Creator Pro app to create a photorealistic texture map and then apply it to the Metahuman avatar.

To do this, the presenter uploads the GLB file exported from the app to Metahuman and downloads the generated textures. The textures can then be imported into the Unreal project and applied to the Metahuman avatar.

Polishing the Texture

The presenter also suggests using the upcoming release of Metahuman to polish the texture around the eyes and mouth, as well as to align the texture map more accurately.


By following the steps outlined in the tutorial, users can create a photorealistic Metahuman that closely resembles their own appearance. The use of the in3D Avatar Creator Pro app and the Metahuman platform provides a streamlined process for creating high-fidelity digital characters.



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