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Introducing Digital First AI: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Your All-In-One AI-Powered Marketing Platform

Digital First AI is a transformative digital marketing platform designed to streamline your marketing efforts, drive customer engagement, and maximize sales. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools from content and graphics generation to growth hacking tactics, Digital First AI is your ultimate partner in achieving marketing success.

Navigating the Digital First AI Platform

On logging in, the first thing you see is your dashboard, displaying your plan, account settings, and growth hacker profile if you've set it up. The dashboard also provides a view of your marketing funnel, which consists of all the stages your audience goes through before purchasing your product.

Setting Up Your Product or Service

Digital First AI features an intuitive statement builder where you input details about your product or service. This tool helps tailor the platform's recommendations to fit your specific marketing needs. You can define your product name, target audience, revenue characteristics, selling method, and price points.

Inputting Your Marketing Strategy

Digital First AI doesn't stop at product definition; it dives deeper into your marketing strategy. The platform allows you to input your preferred payment methods, frequency of payments, offer policy, and attention channels. It also prompts for your business's location and your primary marketing goal.

Designing Your Marketing Funnel

Following the completion of your marketing statement, Digital First AI presents a series of recommended tactics tailored to your product or service. These tactics are organized into a funnel, representing different stages of your product launch, such as the Icebreaker, Cheeseburger, Main Product, and Upsell. Each tactic is described in detail, including potential effects, difficulty level, and budget requirements.

Creating a Tactic Flow

Within the platform, you can also design a tactic flow, which outlines the order in which you plan to implement your marketing tactics. This feature enhances the ease of transitioning from one tactic to another, promoting a seamless marketing experience.

AI-Powered Content and Graphic Generation

One of the most powerful features of Digital First AI is its AI-powered content and graphic generation tools. With these tools, you can create compelling marketing copy and eye-catching graphics in just a few clicks. The platform provides various templates for different content needs, such as blog outlines, blog ideas, and AI article writing.

Personalized Graphic Design

With the graphics generator, you can create personalized graphic designs for different social media platforms. The generator allows you to select your preferred format, graphic style, add text, upload your logo, and choose a background image.

Extensive Tactics Database

Digital First AI boasts an extensive database of over 100 marketing tactics, making it a valuable educational resource for your team and a foundational element of your marketing strategy. You can search tactics by keywords, category, or funnel stage, favorite your top picks, share them with your team, or export them to a PDF.

Adding Your Own Tactics

In addition to accessing an extensive database of tactics, you can also add your own tactics to the platform. This feature not only helps you tailor your marketing strategy but also builds your authority as a growth hacker.


Digital First AI offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to digital marketing, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to improve their marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in digital marketing, Digital First AI is equipped to support your marketing needs. Book a demo today to see how Digital First AI can revolutionize your marketing strategy.



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