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Boost your social media with aiCarousels, an AI-powered carousel maker for LinkedIn and Instagram. No design expertise needed – create professional visuals effortlessly

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About aiCarousels

Enhance Your Social Media with aiCarousels: The AI-Powered Carousel Maker

Social media engagement is crucial in today's digital age. With aiCarousels, a powerful carousel maker and generator for LinkedIn and Instagram, businesses and individuals can easily boost their online presence. Leveraging advanced AI technology, this tool simplifies carousel creation without the need for design expertise.

Seamless Carousel Creation with aiCarousels

aiCarousels is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing anyone to create visually appealing and engaging carousels for social media platforms. Whether for business or personal use, its array of features make for a smooth design experience.

AI Writing Assistant at Your Service

Choosing a topic is half the battle when creating content. With aiCarousels' AI Writing Assistant, you can pick a subject and let the advanced AI generate captivating content for your carousel. This content can be edited and personalized to better reflect your style or branding, making it an invaluable tool in content creation.

Design Made Easy

With aiCarousels, creating professional-looking carousels is a breeze. Its user-friendly design platform caters to non-designers, enabling them to effortlessly craft eye-catching carousels that boost social media engagement.

Enhance Your Design with Built-in Features

aiCarousels offers an array of features that streamline the design process while maintaining high-quality outputs.

Auto-Resize for Perfect Positioning

Auto-resize features ensure that elements are positioned perfectly and fonts are legible without manual adjustment, saving you valuable time.

Predefined Colors & Fonts

Choosing the right colors and fonts can be tricky. aiCarousels has you covered with handpicked color palettes and font pairings that take the guesswork out of design.

Complete Customization

Personalize your carousels to mirror your brand identity. Whether for a business or individual, aiCarousels lets you maintain a consistent visual identity across all your social media platforms.

Custom Presets for Future Use

You can design a carousel once, save it as a template, and reuse it for future creations. This feature streamlines the design process and saves time.

aiCarousels: Tailored for LinkedIn & Instagram

Crafted with LinkedIn and Instagram in mind, aiCarousels ensures your carousels are optimized for these platforms. Additionally, most features are free, including watermark removal for a professional look.

Versatile Export Options

Depending on your preferred platform, aiCarousels lets you export carousels in high-resolution PDF or JPG sequence formats, maintaining the quality of your visuals.


In the realm of digital marketing, aiCarousels stands out as a practical, user-friendly, and efficient tool for carousel creation. Its rich set of features and AI-powered content writing make it ideal for boosting your social media presence, whether you're a design novice or an experienced marketer. Explore the potential of your social media with aiCarousels today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $14.95


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