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Boost customer support efficiency and satisfaction with Yuma AI Ticket Assistant, integrating with Help Desk software for automated response drafting

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About Yuma

Harness the Power of AI with Yuma Ticket Assistant

In the era of rapid technological advancements, businesses must adapt and leverage AI to stay competitive. Yuma Ticket Assistant is a state-of-the-art AI solution that integrates with your Help Desk software, automating response drafting for customer tickets and boosting support quality.

AI Automatic Response Drafting

Yuma Ticket Assistant analyzes incoming customer inquiries and drafts appropriate responses based on a thorough understanding of your business. Agents receive suggested drafts, streamlining their workflow and ensuring efficient, effective customer support.

Instruct Yuma

Tell Yuma what you want to say, and it generates a complete draft in your brand voice, maintaining brand consistency, politeness, and grammatical correctness.

Custom Knowledge Base

Upon installation, Yuma builds a tailored Knowledge Base for your brand, providing accurate and personalized responses that align with your business needs.

Writing Style Customization

Yuma learns your writing style from past tickets, ensuring future responses are on-brand, with the right tone and perfect English.

Conversation Thread Summarization

Instantly obtain conversation thread summaries with the click of a button, providing historical context for customer profiles or team escalations.

Multilingual and Auto-Translation

Yuma supports 15 common languages and automatically drafts responses in the appropriate language for incoming tickets.

One-Click «Reply & Close Ticket»

Save time and boost support team productivity with the one-click «Reply & Close Ticket» feature, allowing agents to quickly send drafted responses and close tickets.

Help Desk Native Integrations

Yuma currently integrates natively with Gorgias and Shopify, with support for other platforms like Zendesk coming soon.

Shopify Integration

Yuma retrieves live product data from Shopify, ensuring accurate, up-to-date responses that guide customers and boost sales.

AI Ticket Analysis

Utilizing advanced AI technology, Yuma Ticket Assistant analyzes support tickets to provide personalized responses or suggest the best course of action.

Always up to Date

Yuma seamlessly integrates with your Help Desk, FAQs, Historical Tickets, Shopify products, Macros, and customer orders for personalized, accurate support ticket answers.

Stay Ahead with Yuma AI Ticket Assistant

Yuma AI Ticket Assistant is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency and support quality, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. Give your support agents superpowers and stay ahead of the competition with Yuma AI Ticket Assistant, currently empowering Shopify merchants using Gorgias.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $39
  • $95
  • $195


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