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Explore Xata, the serverless database with branches, search-engine, and OpenAI integration for advanced data management and AI-driven insights

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About Xata

Introducing Xata: The Serverless, Scalable Database with AI Integration

Managing data has never been more seamless than with Xata, the serverless and scalable database that offers a single API for all your data needs. With Xata, you can utilize a relational database, a search engine, a vector database, and edge caching, all without the need for expert DevOps knowledge. Powered by trusted technologies such as PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch, Xata is designed to work harmoniously with your existing web development stack.

The Power of AI in Your Database

Xata goes beyond traditional database solutions by integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into your data management. This innovative feature enables you to build Q& A bots that can answer questions related to your website, application, documentation, or knowledge base. With Xata's highly tunable system, you can optimize ChatGPT for your specific data requirements and enjoy the benefits of a fully-featured, serverless database with built-in full-text and vector search capabilities.

Xata's Generous Free Tier

Xata offers a free tier that includes up to 750K records and 15GB of storage, with OpenAI API calls included. This generous offering allows you to explore the capabilities of Xata without incurring any costs.

Easy Integration into Your Product

Integrating Xata into your product is a simple, three-step process:

1. Load your data into Xata: Import your data using CSV, or utilize the Javascript, Typescript, or Python SDKs. Xata's user-friendly spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy to review and edit your database.

2. Call an API and get results: With just a single API call, ChatGPT will answer questions using your data as context, and you can provide your own rules to improve the results.

3. Tune the experience: To achieve the best results, use Xata's UI to fine-tune the search experience by configuring column weights and value boosters.

How Xata Works

Xata's powerful system combines context through search and the application of rules for boundaries. The first phase involves keyword and semantic search, with the OpenAI completion model generating keywords based on the user's question. During the semantic search, relevant documents are identified using vector similarity. In the second phase, the top results are provided as context, and custom rules are applied to the model, ensuring relevant responses for your specific use case.

In conclusion, Xata offers a revolutionary serverless and scalable database solution that harnesses the power of AI to deliver advanced data management and insights. With its ease of integration and innovative features, Xata is set to transform the way businesses handle their data needs.

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Pricing options

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