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Experience seamless, AI-powered writing assistance across browsers, native apps, and electron apps with Writer's Brew AI. Write, improve, reply, summarize, and translate with ease!

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About Writers brew AI

Writer's Brew AI: Your Ultimate Cross-Platform AI Writing Assistant

Write, Improve, Reply, Summarize, and Translate Effortlessly

Writer's Brew AI is the perfect writing assistant app that works seamlessly across browsers, native apps, and electron apps. Designed for everyday use, this AI-powered tool helps you write better and faster, transforming any text editor into an AI-powered one and integrating OCR capabilities to extract text from images.

Key Features of Writer's Brew AI

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Writer's Brew AI works across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps, making it an ideal solution for users who work with multiple platforms daily.

60+ Writing Tools and Presets

Get access to an extensive range of writing tools and presets to jumpstart your writing, from summarizing and translating to adjusting tone and fixing grammar.

Build Your Own Presets (BYOP)

Unleash your creativity by creating and saving your own prompts as presets for future use.

Brew Magic Writer

Transform any text editor into an AI-powered one, enabling brainstorming, inspiration, research, and drafting all within the same editor.

Smart Reply to Email

Generate text directly in email clients or in a mini window, making it easier to draft well-crafted email responses.

Image (OCR) to Text

Utilize the OCR engine to extract text from images, allowing Writer's Brew AI to work its magic on the extracted content.

How Writer's Brew AI Works

Writer's Brew AI offers three different ways to use the app:

  1. A Raycast-like menu, easily accessible anytime with a keyboard shortcut
  2. Chat with quick presets at your fingertips
  3. A handy menubar, instantly accessible with just a click

The AI-powered app supports over 60 writing tools and presets, including translation, summarization, tone detection, and more. Users can create their own presets using the Build Your Own Presets (BYOP) feature.

Benefits of Writer's Brew AI

Write Faster and Better

With access to a variety of writing tools and presets, Writer's Brew AI helps users write more efficiently and effectively.

Adapt to Any Workflow

Whether you're an expert writer or just starting out, Writer's Brew AI can adapt to your workflow and assist you in your writing process.

Cost-Effective Solution

Writer's Brew AI is 10x-100x cheaper than other services, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking to enhance their writing without breaking the bank.


Writer's Brew AI is the ultimate cross-platform AI writing assistant, offering seamless integration across browsers, native apps, and electron apps. With an extensive range of writing tools, presets, and a user-friendly interface, Writer's Brew AI is the perfect solution for users looking to improve their writing and boost productivity.

Experience the power of Writer's Brew AI and supercharge your writing process today!

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $39
  • $49


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