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Enhance sales and customer engagement with Whautomate, your ultimate WhatsApp automation platform. Experience seamless AI-powered customer support

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About Whautomate

Whautomate: Transforming Customer Engagement with Advanced WhatsApp Automation

In today's digital age, effective customer engagement is crucial for any business. One platform that is revolutionizing this arena is Whautomate, a sophisticated WhatsApp automation and customer engagement platform. With its myriad features, Whautomate is designed to boost sales and take customer engagement to unprecedented heights.

GPT Powered AI Chatbot

Whautomate offers a custom GPT-powered AI bot for your business data on WhatsApp, providing 24/7 customer support, accurate responses, and reducing workload for support teams. This seamless AI-to-human transfer feature ensures that customers always feel heard and supported.

Engage Across Multiple Channels

Whautomate lets you reach your customers on their preferred channels with automated messages and personalized conversations. The platform offers a unified platform for creating, managing, and tracking campaigns across various channels, ensuring consistent customer engagement.

Effortless Chatbot Setup

Setting up a chatbot on Whautomate is a quick and intuitive process. Users can select from numerous predefined templates designed to handle common customer queries and tasks, from managing E-Commerce shops to booking appointments and classes, and providing AI-based customer support on your business data.

Centralized WhatsApp Team Inbox

Whautomate's Team Inbox allows businesses to efficiently manage customer inquiries and communicate in real-time. The platform consolidates all incoming customer messages into a single, centralized location, simplifying tracking and response.

Streamlined WhatsApp Marketing

Whautomate enables businesses to segment customers and run targeted campaigns, thereby increasing conversions. The platform offers guaranteed return on investment through campaigns that truly resonate with the target audience.

Workflow Automation and Appointment Booking

Whautomate’s custom rules allow for easy workflow automation, triggering actions based on specific events or conditions. Moreover, its chatbot feature manages appointment scheduling and confirmations automatically, streamlining the process for customers.

Enhanced E-commerce Experience

From managing class bookings to selling products and services, Whautomate facilitates a wide range of transactions on WhatsApp. Its cutting-edge GPT-powered AI Bot understands your business data and responds to customer queries with ease, saving countless hours of customer support.

Invoices, Payments, and Subscriptions

Whautomate also handles financial transactions, making it easy for businesses to send invoices and request payments via WhatsApp. Its subscription management feature helps customers manage recurring appointments, classes, or e-commerce orders seamlessly.

Inventory Management and Form Automation

With Whautomate, businesses can efficiently track and manage their inventory. The platform also sends custom forms to customers for various purposes, such as collecting data, gathering feedback, and conducting surveys.


In summary, Whautomate is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. Its robust features, from AI-powered customer support to workflow automation, help boost productivity and guarantee a return on investment. By harnessing the power of WhatsApp automation, Whautomate can help businesses elevate customer experience, increase retention, and measure satisfaction on autopilot. With Whautomate, embrace a new era of customer engagement and sales growth.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $59
  • $99
  • $199


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