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WTF Does This Company Do?

Understand any website's purpose, products, and features with 'WTF Does This Company Do?'. Also, critique with the 'Roast the Website' function!

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About WTF Does This Company Do?

'WTF Does This Company Do? ' — Decoding Websites, Products, and More

In today's digital age, websites can sometimes be a maze of information, leaving visitors puzzled about the company's actual purpose or the services they provide. 'WTF Does This Company Do? ' emerges as a savior, offering a simple yet effective service that explains what a website is about, its products, features, and even provides a critical review of the site.

Understanding 'WTF Does This Company Do? '

'WTF Does This Company Do? ' is a unique service designed to help users understand the essence of a website. It unravels the products or services offered, the key features

Key Features of 'WTF Does This Company Do? '

Website Explanation

The primary service provided by 'WTF Does This Company Do? ' is decoding websites. It helps users to understand the purpose of a website, the products or services it offers, and the key features that set it apart.

'Roast the Website' Function

In addition to explaining what a company does, the service also includes a unique function known as 'Roast the Website.' This feature allows users to critically review a website's shortcomings, offering insights into areas like design, usability, content clarity, and more.

Benefits of Using 'WTF Does This Company Do? '

Understanding Websites Made Easy

With 'WTF Does This Company Do? ', understanding any website becomes simple. Whether you're a potential customer, a competitor, or just a curious visitor, the service helps decode the website's core purpose and offerings.

Critical Review for Improvement

The 'Roast the Website' function serves as a valuable tool for website owners and developers. It provides constructive criticism that can be used to identify and rectify shortcomings, helping to improve the overall user experience and design.


By quickly and efficiently summarizing a website's purpose and offerings, the service saves users the time and effort of navigating through potentially confusing or convoluted sites.

Areas of Application

The service is particularly useful for business owners and web developers looking to improve their websites. It can also be beneficial for potential customers or partners trying to understand a company's offerings. Moreover, it can serve as a learning tool for digital marketing and web design students to understand and critique website design and content.


In conclusion, 'WTF Does This Company Do? ' provides an innovative service that simplifies the process of understanding a website's purpose and offerings. Its unique 'Roast the Website' function offers valuable insights for improvement. Whether you're a website owner, a potential customer, or a web design student, this service can provide useful, time-saving insights into any website.

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